Red Pine, you're the one,
Lots of work, lots of fun.

You're the home of the red and the green.
It's the place we go - to learn and grow.
The best school that we've ever seen!

We are proud to be part of your family.
We're the cardinals as you can see.
It's a friendly school that's really cool!
Yes, Red Pine is the one for me!

(Chanted) R-E-D P-I-N-E

We're the Red Pine crowd and we really are proud.
We're the best in the U.S. of A.
Making brand new friends, learning never ends.
We laugh and we sing and we play.

Teachers, projects, test; always doing our best.
Happy times here have just begun.
Yes, we're proud to say in every way-
Red Pine students are number one!!