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September 8, 2016

posted Sep 8, 2016, 12:15 PM by Kristen Henning

Red Pine School Newsletter

Week of September 12 - 16, 2016

Monday       cycle day 5 red E  

Tuesday      cycle day 6 blue A  

Wednesday cycle day 1 yellow B

Thursday     cycle day 2 green C

Friday          cycle day 3 red D

A Message From the Principal:

Dear Red Pine Families,

These have been an amazing first few days of school.  The students at Red Pine have shown up excited and ready to learn.  Our teachers have been connecting with their students throughout each day.  The Red Pine school community continues to be strong.

Every classroom at Red Pine is starting their school year with a literacy unit of study titled ‘Community’.  This unit is when the teachers establish the routines of Reader’s and Writer’s Workshop, as well as an overall sense of being part of a classroom.  While there are distinct differences in the different grade levels, there are commonalities in our approach to teaching literacy that help bridge grade level to grade level for the students.  It has been exciting to see the students coming into their new classroom/grade level and continuing many of the literacy routines that were established in their classroom last year.  This allows our teachers to get the routines solidified at a more rapid pace than before, so the focus can be on literacy instruction.

I hope the start of the year has been incredible for your student.  As we move forward with our school year please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.  Of the many roles I have as a principal, one of the most important is to ensure open communication between the school and our Red Pine families.


Drew Goeldner


Red Pine Elementary

School News:

News from the Office:

Address Changes

Please be sure to let the Red Pine office know of any home address/telephone number/ or email changes that occur during the school year or in the summer.  We need to be made aware of the exact address and when the move occurs.  This information is extremely important not only to the Red Pine front office and nurse’s office, but also to District 196 transportation and student information departments.  Please call Janie or Jo at 651-423-7870 to report ANY changes.

Thank you for your cooperation!  

Children Home Alone?  Dakota County Guidelines

Children 7 years old or under cannot be left alone for any period of time.

Children 8-9 years old can be alone for up to 2 hours.

Children 10-13 years old cannot be alone for more than 8-12 hours.

Children under 11 years old cannot babysit younger children.

All of these guidelines assume that children know how to reach a parent or adult, are not afraid to be alone, and have average behavior, health, and maturity levels for their age.  Occasionally other circumstances are considered on a case-by-case basis.

A NEW ‘Transportation for Students in Day Care Notice’ needs to be filled out each time there is a change in your child’s daycare or any time your child is coming from or going to an address other than home for after school care.  Please remember this is the only way we have of communicating with transportation the busing needs of your child and ensures a safe and smooth release time for your child.  In addition, a new form needs to be filled out each new school year so the bus route can be adjusted accordingly in the fall.  Please call Jo or Janie at 651-423-7870 if you need a form.

Forms may be returned to Red Pine office.

---Thank you for your cooperation.

News from the Red Pine Library:

Our Library Checkout Schedule for the year is linked below.  If your student forgets books or is absent on library day, please encourage them to visit us the next day when his / her teacher approves.


Looking forward to a great year reading with your kiddos!

Mrs. Robertson & Mrs. Jarvi

Volunteers needed for our Red Pine Teacher / Student Resource Library

We are hoping for 6 new resource library volunteers to check-in and reshelve books for 1-2 hours each week. Every teacher and student relies on these books for our district reading curriculum.

If you have questions about this important (and easy once you spend some time in it) volunteer opportunity, please email or call the front office and ask for the main library.

Thanks for your consideration,

Kelly Robertson, Media Specialist


Suzanne Jarvi, Media Clerk


Red Pine Chess Club




Nurse’s Corner:

Welcome Back to the Nurse’s Corner for the 2016-17 school year.

Water bottles, keep them coming to school and encourage your kids to keep filling them up and drinking.  Water only please.  We have water bottles for sale – $3.00.  The money will go towards water bottles for the students new to Red Pine, 2017-2018 kindergarten classes, and items for our promotion of Health for Red Pine by the Health Heroes.  If anyone would like to donate a large bottle of hand sanitizer  - we could use 6 of them for the Health Hero Carts.  Chapstick is always a need for our students.  Any donations would be welcomed.

Information on when to keep your child home is in the Red Pine Calendar toward the back, please refer to that for questions or call me.

Epi Pens, Inhalers, Medications all need doctor’s signatures and the orders for the new school year.  They also need to give specific dosage information for your child, when and why I need to give it.  If you need forms I can always send them home with your child.

If your child no longer has an allergy – I need confirmation from the doctor to be able to remove the allergen from his/her history.  Or a change in a chronic condition, I need confirmation from a doctor stating such.

If your child  has an injury that would cause him or her to  be out of PE/Recess or the need to use the elevator, or sit at the end of the lunch table due to the injury, I need a doctor’s note stating such with a beginning and end date.

We will be working on the Nurse Corner Web Page, hoping to have pertinent and up to date info for you with links to forms, videos from our Health Heroes etc..  More to come.  I will let you know when it is updated.

As always – drink water, wash hands – STAY HEALTHY!

Danna Steffen, RN

Red Pine School Nurse

Health and Wellness Committee:

Kick’in School Into HIGH Gear….


When: Wednesday September 21st 2016

From: 5:30pm-7:30pm

Where: Red Pine Kickball Fields

Health and Wellness Meeting

When: Monday September 19th

From: 6:00pm to 7:00pm

Where: RP Library

*We look forward to your involvement.

News from the Bird Feeder:

NEW THIS YEAR from Food service:

Farm Fresh Local Food: Independent School District 196 Food and Nutrition Services is working with Pahl’s Market to provide our district with eight different vegetables and watermelon during the month of September.

Kindergarten Breakfast in the Classroom: ALL elementary schools will be serving a nutritious breakfast in the kindergarten classrooms which includes fresh fruit.

Thank you!

Cheryl Rosa

Food and Nutrition

Red Pine Elementary

PTO News:

First PTO Meeting of the Year

The first PTO meeting of the year is Thursday, September 15 at 6:30pm in the Media Center. All parents are welcome to attend. It's a great opportunity to learn more about and influence the activities and decisions happening at Red Pine.  If you have any questions about the meeting, please contact John Congemi at johncongemi@gmail.com. We hope to see you there!

PTO Member Updates

There are a number of ways to get involved with the PTO this year. You can choose to volunteer for one of the many committees or simply come to a meeting to learn more about what's going on. Our chair members for the 2016-17 school year include:

President - John Congemi

Vice President - Susan Thomas

Treasurer - Michelle Luther

Secretary - Eva Stensvad

Fall Fundraiser

Our first (and largest) fundraiser of the year is about to kick off! We're partnering with Cherrydale Farms (Chip Shoppe) and all profits from this sale will go directly back to our school to fund equipment, activities and enrichment programs for the kids. Watch for packets in your child’s September 9 Friday Folder!

NEW!!!!!!! Red Pine PTO Community Directory

We are pleased to announce this coming school year the entire directory process will be paperless from data collection to making the directory available both on your computer as well as your smart phone.  

Why are we doing this?

·       Saves time – this new system will help us publish the directory right when school starts AND we can keep it up to date throughout the school year.

·       Saves money – no more printing costs (they keep going up!)

·       Reduces errors - because you enter your information yourself, you can be guaranteed that it’s what you want.

How does it work?

Our new system will involve 2 steps:  collecting your information online and then giving you secure access to the online system.  To enter your information please go to the link below and follow the instructions.  This is a secure form and you can print your submission for your records.

www.join.myschoolanywhere.com    Join Code:  cardinals

How do you access the new online directory?

Once we have received and reviewed your family’s information you will receive an email with login instructions.  Our plan is to go live within the first few weeks of school so please confirm your data!

What’s so great about the online directory?  

·       It’s secure – your family will have a unique login and password and the directory can’t be lost or stolen.

·       You can search by student’s first name, grade, teacher and family last name.

·       You can create your own custom list of frequently called families.

·       You can access the family directory from any internet connected device:  your computer, smart phone, iPad, etc.

Is it secure?

YES!  All data is stored behind secure firewalls and can only be accessed by authorized users with a validated username and encrypted password.  All data is viewed and passed using SSL encryption.

Questions? Contact Michelle Luther mluther03@gmail.com