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June 2, 2016

posted Jun 2, 2016, 11:33 AM by Kristen Henning

Red Pine School Newsletter

Week of June 6 - 8, 2016

Monday       cycle day 5B  - Kindergarten End of Year Celebration

Tuesday      cycle day 6C  

Wednesday cycle day 1D - Last Day of Elementary School!!!

School News:

LAST CALL >>> Yearbook Sales

Yearbooks will be on sale Monday, June 6 through Wednesday, June 8.  The cost is $15.  Ms. Zirbes will be selling them by the main doors before school.

>>>LAST CALL of the Year for LOST & FOUND Items

Parents:  Please check out the LOST & FOUND table in the main hallway. It’s amazing what you’ll find!

               All items not claimed by Friday, June 3rd will be bagged up and donated to Good Will.

Greetings from the RP Library-

As we close up the RP Library for the summer- we have an few notes for RP Families.

Summer Reading Lists are coming home with students- with the challenge to read at least  one new title this summer. The Dakota County Library summer reading program Bookawocky, which starts June 6th, is a perfect way to find books from the summer reading list and other new/old favorites.

Enter your child (entering Grade 5 and younger) at your local library branch – there is no online registration option for summer reading.  The list of hundreds of free programs and special events is available online (some require advance registration) at https://www.co.dakota.mn.us/libraries/Programs/Calendar/Pages/default.aspx

Participating in Bookawocky is a fun way to practice reading while making him/her eligible for prizes throughout the summer.  Please remember that students entering Grades 6th – 12th are included in the Teen Reading Program, which also has a lot of great prizes and programs available this summer: https://www.co.dakota.mn.us/libraries/Programs/Teens/Pages/teen-summer-reading-program.aspx

Fine Notices are sent home this time of year.  Many students have lost a book during the school year and with a note or phone call from home, we mark the book lost and encourage the student to continue checking out while looking for his / her book.  We wait to ask for payment until the end of the school year for lost and damaged books.  This usually gives students a chance to locate the book, but also because we cannot refund payments.  If a book is found after paying the school- please feel free to keep  the book for your home collection.

It was a fun-filled year in Library with all of our Red Pine Readers.  Students in K-2 read all of the Minnesota Star of the North Picture Nominee books to help choose the Winner- “The Day the Crayons Quit” by Drew Daywalt.  Students in Grades 3-5 helped choose the winning title “Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library” by Chris Grabenstein for the Maud Hart Lovelace Minnesota Book Award.  All students K-5 helped us choose our RP March Madness for Picture Books Winner “Finding Winnie” by Lindsey Mattick.  These titles and more are available on our Red Pine Recommended Reads page: https://sites.google.com/a/apps.district196.org/red-pine-recommended-books/

Happy Summer Reading!

Mrs. Robertson & Mrs. Jarvi

Notes From the Computer Lab

Jennifer Skalski, RP Tech Specialist

Coding Camp for students going into grades 5-6.  Students will get the opportunity to use block coding to create interactive computer games from Scratch.  We will be following the CS-First curriculum

  • M,T,Th,F (June 13, 14, 16, 17)

  • 2 hours a day (this one is 8AM-10AM)

  • Held at Dakota Hills Middle School Computer Lab i210

Please look at this link for more information and to register


Math Olympiad Team 2015-2016 Final Results

The 2015-2016 official Math Olympiad results are in and Red Pine will receive two team awards.  The team will receive a certificate for their outstanding team score at the 5th grade level, and they have also earned a team plaque for scoring in the top 10% of all participating teams.  This will be the seventh year that a Red Pine team has won a top 10% plaque.

A Big Congratulations to Swami Marungar and Elisha Sanchez for being our top scorers this year with outstanding scores of 23 out of 25 correct!  Wow!  And also way to go Madeline Hartley for an amazing score of 22 out of 25!  Excellent job to all three of you!  Swami, Elisha, and Madeline have also earned gold pins for having scores in the top 2% of all Math Olympians in the world!  What an outstanding achievement!

Congratulations to Natu Daniel, Drew Gullickson, Kyle Harris, Griffin McClary, Alex Miller, Sam Hull, Ella Patnode, Corey Sell, Sophia Juntilla, Ryder Ligtenberg, Anthony Nguyen, Kiera Curtin, and Allie Mackinac for earning silver pins for having scores in the top 10% of all Math Olympians in the world! Terrific job!

Congratulations to 5th graders Austin Carruthers, Kyan Chau, Kiera Curtin, Natu Daniel, Nick Gilley, Drew Gullickson, Kyle Harris, Madeline Hartley, Aspen Howard, Sam Hull, Marissa Jacobson, Jack Johnson,, Sophia Juntilla, Ryder Ligtenberg, Allie Mackinac, Swami Marungar, Griffin McClary, Alex Miller, Anthony Nguyen, Alexa Parish, Anish Ramlall, Lily Rippie, Ella Patnode, Elisha Sanchez, Luke Schlede, Corey Sell, Sam Vatter, Rosella Zaske, and three 4th graders, Morgan Becker, Alex Newton, and Carter Veen, for earning a Math Olympiad patch for having scores in the top 50% of all Math Olympians in the world!  Great job!  Way to go Red Pine team!

Congratulations to the New 2016-2017 Math Olympiad Team

Congratulations to Morgan Becker, Ella Bromley, Griffin Caffrey, Jon Ciemny, Keiser Derickson, Ezra Gebeyehu, Emily Hopke, Ben Hurwitz, Sakif Khan, Jada Lapastora, Tara Le, Max Monzel, Alex Newton, Anna Patterson, Nitya Sannuli, Kate Reed, Avery Rene, Carys Sundberg, Aditya Sunkam, Ashley Swenson, Brad Taylor, Ruby Thorp, Carter Veen, and Amelia Zaske!  Wow, what a great team!

Perennial Math News 2016

Last year, Red Pine started a new Math Problem Solving Program called Perennial Math.  Congratulations to Red Pine's 4th and 5th grade Perennial Math teams for finishing in the top 10% of all the teams in the United States and other competing countries to earn Award Plaques and lots of individual honors for our students.

A Big Congratulations to our top scoring student in 4th grade, Kate Reed, and our top scoring students in 5th grade, Sam Hull, Griffin McClary, Alex Miller and Corey Sell.  They have all earned official Perennial Math medals!  Way to lead our teams!   

Congratulations to the following 4th and 5th graders for earning scores in the top 10%. They all received official certificates and dog tags.  Way to go 4th graders Kate Reed, Morgan Becker, Emily Hopke, Ella Bromley, and Jada Lapastora and 5th graders Sam Hull, Griffin McClary, Alex Miller, Corey Sell, Natu Daniel, Ryder Ligtenberg, Elisha Sanchez, Aspen Howard, Kyle Harris, and Madeline Hartley!  Way to go Cardinals!

Congratulations to Red Pine's Four Math Masters' Teams 2016

Marissa Jacobson, Ella Patnode, Lily Rippie, Henry Stenger, and Rosella Zaske who had an excellent team round 2 and had great scores for Order of Operations!

Great job to Kyan Chau, Austin Carruthers, Drew Gullickson, Swami Marungar, and Anish Ramlall, who also had outstanding teamwork!

Austin Carruthers also took 34th place in the individual competition and Kyan Chau and Anish Ramlall  tied for 3rd place overall  in Order of Operations, earning medals.  Wow, great job!

Way to go Madeline Hartley, Ryder Ligtenberg, Allie Mackinac, Griffin McClary, and Elisha Sanchez for having incredible team rounds, scoring a Perfect 10 out of 10 in team round 2 and winning 10th place overall.

Elisha Sanchez  also took 35th  place in the individual competition and  Allie Mackinac and Elisha Sanchez  earned blue ribbons for 15th and 16th place in order of operations.

Natu Daniel, Sam Hull, Alex Miller, Anthony Nguyen, and Corey Sell  came in 5th Place in the region and 1st Place among all the teams from District 196, winning blue ribbons with near perfect team round scores.

Alex Miller also took 9th place and Natu Daniel 29th place in the individual competition while Sam Hull tied his teammates Kyan and Anish for 3rd Place in order of operations, also earning a medal.  

Great job to Eric Li and Colin Duffy for helping their teams be very successful at the tournament!  

What a great performance by all of these students!

Congratulations to Red Pine's Four Destination Imagination Teams for their Outstanding Performances at Regional and State Tournaments

"The Mysterious Seven" team competed in the Fine Arts Challenge, "Get A Clue", and won 4th Place. What a great achievement especially considering they were competing against 44 other teams doing the same exact challenge!  The team wrote a very creative mystery story about famous chef Julia Childs which involved 1960's costumes, props, backgrounds and involved some missing cookies and a frosting explosion. They represented Red Pine very proudly and did a fantastic job!  Way to go and a Big Congratulations to Meredith Ruiter, Ella Patnode, Grace Forester, Samantha Jaedike, Molly LaMott, Alex Miller and Anthony Nguyen!

There are 8 minutes left and the detectives for "Times Seven" must find who stole the Times Square New Year's Eve ball.  Was it the Bad Girl, who has been kicked out of 21 states, the Bride or the Electrician?  The detectives were successful with solving the mystery and recovering the New Year's Eve ball along with winning 4th Place in the Fine Arts Challenge, "Get A Clue".  The team spent months writing their mystery story, creating backdrops, props, and rehearsing/memorizing their lines.  Jozie Aeilts, Allie Mackinac, Lily Rippie, Sophia Juntilla, Sienna Boeckman, Olivia Tompkins and Sydnee Jaedike represented Red Pine with tremendous grace and poise.  Their dedication and hard work is something they should be very proud of!

Red Pine’s 5th Grade Golden Cardinals competed in the challenge, Musical Mashup, and won 1st place at Regionals and represented Red Pine very well at the State Tournament!  Wow, what a great achievement!  They wrote a very creative story of mystery, adventure, and wizardry that was very entertaining.  The story talks of the life challenges experienced by one of the characters, Drake, and the friendships that are formed, the challenges that are solved, while making music along the way. They perform a song with their own lyrics and rhythm and later perform another musical feature with instruments they made themselves.  In the meantime a volcano is erupting in the background and the musical instrument they made is being put to the test with weights of up to 180 pounds.  The Golden Cardinals demonstrated amazing teamwork in a super Instant Challenge and represented Red Pine very proudly!  Way to go and a Big Congratulations to Sofia Berdichevski, Natu Daniel, Joseph Le, Adam Polanski, Noah Schwans, Kelsey Strang, and Hannah Yost.

The Rising Stars Destination Imagination group is a program designed for students in Preschool through 2nd Grade.  This year's group, Cardinal Directions, was made up of 4 students, Nick Garnsworthy (1st Grade), Krista Lee (1st Grade), Emiliano Lupian (2nd Grade), and Maddie Garnsworthy (Preschooler, and future Red Pine student).  As a group they needed to create a skit around a given theme.  This year the theme was a Change In Direction.  They needed to gain an understanding of maps, including cardinal directions, compass rose, and a map key.  Their skit needed to include a team made map and a point in which part of the group wanted to change their direction.  As a group they gained the experience of working together, sharing ideas with one another, compromise, creativity, and performing in front of a group.  What a great experience they all had!  I am beyond proud of how well they did as a group!

And a Big, Huge Thank You to Fantastic Destination Imagination parent managers Beth Patnode, Kelly Jaedike, Christine LaMott, Yvonne Polanski, Kara VanKleek, Jessica Aeilts, Cindy Tompkins, and Jen Garnsworthy for the amazing job they did managing the teams, and thank you to all the parents for helping out, hosting meetings, driving kids to and from practices, and supporting them in this activity.  It's really fun to see kids using their imaginations, being creative, and just having so much fun performing!

We hope you'll enjoy the video clips below:






Red Pine Science News, National Science League Results 2016

Red Pine participated in the National Science League this year in grades 4 and 5.  All of our students did a super job on a very challenging multiple choice science contest covering Life Science, Earth Science, General Science, Chemistry, and Physics.  Great job to the many students who went to the Foss website and other science websites to practice and learn more about science.  Way to go to all of our students who learned a little bit more about science!

Two students earned the highest score for grade 4 and 5 and received a science medal for their achievement.  A Big Congratulations to 4th grader Nitya Sannuli and 5th graderNatu Daniel!

The following 4th graders received certificates for their outstanding scores.  Congratulations to  

Nitya Sannuli, Jon Ciemny, Joe Colburn, Tara Le, Max Monzel, Abby Wandersee, William Sprunk, Keiser Derickson, Michael Johnson, Aditya Sunkam, and Anna Mae Patterson.  Also Congratulations for Honorable Mention to Shannon Dwyer, Ben Fritschel, Sakif Khan, Grant Paurus, Brady Schroepfer, Connor Schauer, Jacob Tuchscherer, Beau Melcher, Andy Prince, and Kessler Schaefer.   

The following 5th graders received certificates for their excellent scores.  Congratulations to Natu Daniel, Colin Duffy, Joseph Le, Elisha Sanchez, Sam Vatter, Rosella Zaske, Drew Gullickson, Jack Stier, , Marissa Jacobson, Kaia Ketchum, Ryan Mulrooney, Sam Nozal, Ella Patnode, Aiden Sorsoleil, and Henry Stenger.  Also Congratulations for Honorable Mention to Kyan Chau, Brendan Herme, Swami Marungar, Alex Miller, Anthony Nguyen, Anish Ramlall, Corey Sell, Ayden Erickson, Sam Hull, Eric Li, Ryder Ligtenberg, Nick Meyer, Abdullah Mir, Joey Romano, and Isabella Satnik.    

Great job to all of our students who participated!  Way to go Red Pine Scientists!   


Make the right move for your child this summer! Chess develops your child’s reading and math ability, critical and analytical thinking skills, builds character and self-esteem. Instruction will build from the basic foundation, emphasizing the fundamental skills needed to begin a lifetime of learning in chess which includes the basic principles of play. Students will also be able to build on skills covering more advanced ideas including tactics, strategy, middlegame planning and endgame technique. No experience necessary! Join in the fun at one, two, or all three summer sessions.

For more information, contact coach Aaron McKie at Aaron.McKie@district196.org

Please search Chess on Community Ed or follow the listed link: http://bit.ly/1szTWk6

Address Changes

Please be sure to let the Red Pine office know of any home address change and/or telephone number changes that occur during the school year or in the summer.  We need to be made aware of the exact address and when the move occurs.  This information is extremely important not only to the Red Pine front office and nurse’s office, but also to District 196 transportation and student information departments.  Please call Janie or Jo at 651-423-7870 to report ANY changes.

Thank you for your cooperation!  

Think Summer & Beyond >>>>> Children Home Alone?  Dakota County Guidelines

Children 7 years old or under cannot be left alone for any period of time.

Children 8-9 years old can be alone for up to 2 hours.

Children 10-13 years old cannot be alone for more than 8-12 hours.

Children under 11 years old cannot babysit younger children.

All of these guidelines assume that children know how to reach a parent or adult, are not afraid to be alone, and have average behavior, health, and maturity levels for their age.  Occasionally other circumstances are considered on a case-by-case basis.

A NEW ‘Transportation for Students in Day Care Notice’ needs to be filled out each time there is a change in your child’s daycare or any time your child is coming from or going to an address other than home for after school care.  Please remember this is the only way we have of communicating with transportation the busing needs of your child and ensures a safe and smooth release time for your child.  In addition, a new form needs to be filled out each new school year so the bus route can be adjusted accordingly in the fall.  Please call Jo or Janie at 651-423-7870 if you need a form.

Forms may be returned to Red Pine office.

---Thank you for your cooperation.

Health & Wellness News:

The Red Pine Health and Wellness Committee is organizing their 1st Annual Red Pine Drive to Health Golf Tournament to promote healthy living.  The tournament will be held, Sunday, September 18, 2016 to kick off the new school year!  Emerald Greens Golf Course will be hosting the tournament, which will be in the format of a scramble with a 1:30 pm shotgun start.  This event is for everyone (golfers and non-golfers) to enjoy an afternoon of exercise, friendly competition and camaraderie.  There will be contests at several holes and an awards ceremony to follow the tournament.  Please join Red Pine to promote healthy living this Fall. (Price, estimated, $48.00 per person to include cart).  To garner interest, please click on the link and complete a brief survey.  More information to come. Click this link for more information: http://bit.ly/1ZJez8f

News from the “Bird Feeder”:

Breakfast & Lunch Menu for the LAST WEEK OF SCHOOL June 6, 7, 8:

June 6th:  Breakfast = Variety Pancakes, Cereal, Yogurt/Cheese stick, Fruit/Juice, Milk

    Lunch = Variety Chicken/Mini Corn dogs, Biscuit/Dinner Rolls, Variety Vegetables, Variety  Potatoes, Fruit & Milk  

   Alternate = Ham or Turkey Sandwiches / Peanut Butter Sandwiches

June 7th:  Breakfast = Variety Eggs/Omelets, Cereal, Yogurt/Cheese stick, Fruit/Juice, Milk

                 Lunch = Italian Dunkers with Dipping Sauce, caesar Side Salad, Variety Vegetables, Fruit & Milk,

                Alternate = Ham or Turkey Sandwiches / Peanut Butter Sandwiches

June 8th:  Breakfast = Variety Muffins, Cereal, Yogurt/Cheese stick, Fruit/Juice, Milk

                 Lunch = Cheese Pizza, Corn, Mini Carrots, Frozen Treat, Fruit & Milk,     

   Alternate = Ham or Turkey Sandwiches / Peanut Butter Sandwiches                 


The cafeteria will be offering a cheese sandwich, fruit and a carton of milk to the children who owe for past meals eaten and who do not maintain a positive meal account balance.  To avoid this situation for your child, it is imperative that you monitor their account balance and assure that adequate funds are available.  Payments can be made to FeePay for free or a check can be sent in with your child at their school.

For elementary schools, the school lunch costs $ 2.40, breakfast costs $1.45 and a carton of milk purchased separately or in addition to the meal is $.40.

You may check your child’s meal account balance on SchoolView/ FeePay Account or by calling the RP kitchen at 651-423-7878.

Please know that, at the end of the year, any negative or positive meal account balance will be carried over to the next year.  Students moving from any District 196 school to another District 196 school will have their meal number and balance transferred to the appropriate school.  This includes any elementary school 5th grader transferring to a middle school or any middle school 8th grader transferring to a high school.

Again, I appreciate the opportunity to serve your children, and I thank you for their participation in our school meals program.

Sincerely yours,

Cheryl Rosa

Red Pine Elementary Food Service Manager

Nurse’s Corner:


June 8th – the last day of school:  We do not store any medications over the summer.

Epi pens, nebulizers and Inhalers will be sent home with the kids.  The morning of – I will deliver the items to the kids and we will together put them in their back packs.  I need you to be aware so you can remove them upon arrival.  Also, with those 2 items will be NEW FORMS FOR 2016-2017 that the MD will need to fill out for the fall.  We do not carry over MD orders.  New orders need to be written every year so we know if any changes have occurred and we have the most current doctor’s orders to best support your child’s health needs.  

Controlled substances/daily prescribed medications will need to be handed off to a parent.  I cannot send home any oral medications that are controlled substances.  Please come in either June 6th, 7th or 8th and pick up the child’s medicine.  If you come in June 6th, I can put 2 days worth of medicine in a pill envelope marked with his/her name and administer so you have the bottle and any extra pills.  Also with these medications, I will be sending home NEW FORMS FOR 2016-2017 for your doctor to fill out.  New orders need to be written every year so we know if any changes occur.

Over the counter medications: Tylenol, Benadryl, Ibuprofen, cough drops, eye drops, special lotions will all be placed in the child’s back pack on the 8th, unless you come and get them prior.  Since these are OTC medications, I will NOT be sending home forms as a note from you next year is sufficient.

IMMUNIZATIONS:   The following link is for any child going to ECSE or Early Childhood Educations. http://learn.district196.org/mod/url/view.php?id=67012

The following link is for incoming Kindergarteners.  http://learn.district196.org/mod/url/view.php?id=75217

The following link is the 30 day notice letter and Immunization law. http://learn.district196.org/mod/url/view.php?id=67028

All students will need to have completed the necessary immunizations series for their age prior to the first day of school.  Please plan accordingly if you have a summer birthday as MD offices get busy in August.

VISION AND HEARING:  If your child sees an eye doctor, or has his/her hearing done by your pediatrician this summer or next year – please fax that information to me and I will enter the results into their health chart here at school.

Restrictions/changes to a student’s participation at school.  Any time a student has to change his/her participation level in Recess, PE, Band or School Work, a note from an MD is needed so we can notify all teachers involved and keep your child, our student safe while in our care.  We will also need an “all clear” for that student to return back to regular activity.

As always, please feel free to call or email me with questions, concerns, information you think I should be aware of to help you child reach his or her full potential while here at Red Pine.

Thank you and have a great summer!

Danna Steffen, RN

Red Pine Elementary

School Nurse

Ph: 651-423-7871

Fax: 651-423-7875

PTO News:

Box Tops:

Thank you to everyone for collecting Box Tops this year!  You helped Red Pine earn over $2,000 !!  

The lucky class who brought in the most Box Tops( March-May) and earned a pizza party was….

Mrs. Crumb's 4th grade class!  


Please save your Box Tops over the summer and bring them to school in September.  

School Pak

We are ready for ordering!!!!  Shorten your to-do list for next school year by ordering your school supplies online at School Pak.  Please use the link to order your paks (Red Pine Elementary | School-Pak ).  If you order by June 10, 2016, you will have the option to have your paks delivered, for free, to school.  These paks will be delivered to your child's classroom and will be ready for the Open House at the end of August.  Otherwise you will need to order by July 12, 1016 for home delivery.  If you have any questions regarding this, please contact the School Pak Coordinator, Dawn Horarik, at 952-240-4928 or dawnhorarik@yahoo.com.

Community News:

Community Education

www.district196.org/ceview videolike District 196 Community Education on Facebook

Plan a fun-filled summer!  Summer Youth Schedule Grid

Click here for an interactive listing of all our youth summer programming in community ed! Plan a summer full of fun learning activities for your child! See what’s offered in the weeks you want to plan for your child and click on the offering(s) of choice to find out more information and to register!

Mark your calendars! Free! World’s Largest Swim Lesson – June 24

Join tens of thousands of participants from hundreds of locations around the globe to break the Guinness World Record for the largest simultaneous swimming lesson. Click here for more information and to register.

GRASP (grades K-8) Fire Sale – June 7

Did you miss the deadline? Some workbooks will be available for purchase on a first come, first served basis on Tuesday, June 7. The enrollment fee is $27 for one subject or $52 for both subjects. Call 651-423-7920 or 651-423-7924 to place an order by phone and then stop by the District Office East, 15180 Canada Ave in Rosemount to pick up your books. This nine-week correspondence program helps your child maintain their math and reading levels during the summer months. Complete lessons at home, mail them to us for correction and we will return them back to you. (GRASP should not be considered a replacement for participating in summer school, if a child qualifies.)