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January 28, 2016

posted Jan 28, 2016, 2:07 PM by Kristen Henning

Red Pine School Newsletter

Week of February 1 - 5, 2016

Monday       cycle day 4C

Tuesday      cycle day 5D

Wednesday cycle day 6E

Thursday     cycle day 1A - Grade 5 Eagle Bluff Chaperone/Student Meeting 6:30 - 8:30pm  

Friday          cycle day 2B  

A Message from the Principal:

Dear Red Pine Families,

“Everyone is always happy here.  This is such a great school.”  This quote was said to me by a parent who was waiting to pick up her students during dismissal.  I reflected on this quote later in the evening, as it is something that continually gets reaffirmed in my mind.  This is the seventh month I have served as principal at Red Pine Elementary.  During these months I have learned much from the students, teachers, and families.  My largest takeaway has been the fact that people simply love being here.  Red Pine Elementary is a special place to be, and I feel fortunate each and every day to serve as principal.

One of the areas we are focusing on as a staff is the implementation of Reader’s Workshop, the reading framework implemented across all elementary schools in ISD 196.  Our recent professional development days have been spent on this learning at Red Pine.  This is a process in which we teach using individualized approaches. Skills are taught to all students in short, whole group mini-lessons.  This is followed by guided practice, which includes the application of the mini-lesson skill into the students’ own reading, communicating with the teacher through a writing about reading process, and other possible learning activities.  At this same time, the teacher works with small groups in guided reading, where students read books to continually build skills and strengthen reading levels.  The lesson is wrapped up with a share-out time where the students become the teachers in different aspects of the lesson.

We will be having a parent information night later this year further describing this framework of literacy instruction.

Please let me know if you have any questions about literacy instruction or any other questions you may have.

I look forward to seeing you at our Parent Teacher Conferences on February 9th and 11th.  


Drew Goeldner

School News:

Winter Conferences

There’s still time to sign up for your child’s Winter Conference at www.district196.org/rp.  Conferences will be held:

Tuesday, February 9, 2016 and

Thursday, February 11, 2016.

Our office staff will assist any parents who do not have computer access.


2016-2017 Kindergarten Registration

Kindergarten registration for incoming kindergarteners will be held during conferences.  Registration times are:

Tuesday, February 9, 2016 from 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM

Thursday, February 11, 2016 from 12:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Registration materials will be mailed the week off February 1, 2016. Please let the office know if you do not plan to register your child for the 2016-17 school year.

Donation Request

Kindergarten is looking for gently used personal CD players to use for listening stations.  If you have a CD player you would be willing to donate, please send in to Kristen Henning.  Thank you!

From the Computer Lab

Notes from Mrs. Skalski

We love our new Chromebooks!! If you participated in the Chip Shoppe fundraiser – Thank you! If you are on the PTO – Thank you! With thanks to the Red Pine PTO and the funds raised this fall, we now have 21 Dell Chromebooks and we have been busy using them.  I wish you could have heard the excitement as students were using their new Chromebooks for the first time. Now that all students have used these great new devices at least once they have been coming back to the lab asking if they can do that again. We did online activities, research, and created documents. Tomorrow all of our teachers will also have time to try the Chromebooks and brainstorm ways to put them to use in the classroom. (Want to know what a Chromebook is or can do? http://www.digitaltrends.com/computing/what-is-a-chromebook-anyway/)

Reading Eggs – Free for Everyone! - By this point in the school year I hope that all our students have been able to use their Reading Eggs account at home to build their literacy skills. There’s something there for every student and each student has an account which has been paid for by Red Pine’s PTO.  Our early readers use Reading Eggs and our fluent readers use Reading Eggspress. For students who use Reading Eggs on a tablet/phone, there’s a free app called “Reading Eggs” that I recommend using. Please contact your child’s teacher if you need another copy your your login information so you child can get the most out of this tool.

What’s Happening in the Lab? If you are curious about what your child is doing during computer class with me, please go to our lab’s webpage, Skalski Lab, and click on your child's grade-level. In addition to finding what we’re doing this week you will also find links that might be used at home. I love hearing from students that they tried our activities again at home because that helps me to know that they love their work and own their learning.

Health & Wellness Committee:

Red Pine Skateville Night!

Sponsored by the Health & Wellness Committee, we will have a Red Pine Skateville Night on Tuesday, February 16th from 6:00 – 8:00. Look for a flyer to come home in Friday folders on January 29. We hope to see you there!

Health & Fitness Fair – SAVE THE DATE!

The Red Pine Health & Fitness Fair will be on Saturday, April 9 from 10:00 – 12:00, followed immediately by our Eat Your Colors Run!

We are always looking for new vendors to join the fair. If you have connections to businesses or organizations who might be interested, email Paula Kirschenheiter at Paula.Kirschenheiter@district196.org  or Rachel Winkler at Rachel.Winkler@district196.org .

Nurse’s Corner:

To cough or not to cough, that is the question.  


Somewhere in the middle.  We are in the thick of winter viruses and bacterial infections of the passing kind.  I cannot stress enough to have your child bring in water bottles to keep their throats lubricated, their coughs to a minimum and just all around health and wellness.

WATER BOTTLES:  If you can, please bring in a water bottle for your child.  Why?

  • Up to 60% of our body is made of water

  • The brain and heart are 73% water

  • The lungs about 83% water

  • The skin 64% water

  • Muscles and Kidneys 79% water

  • Bones 31% water

Water regulates our temperature, vital nutrient to all your cells, carbs and proteins are transported by water in the blood stream, acts as a shock absorber for the brain and spinal cord,

lubricates joints and FORMS SALIVA.  “Healthy Kids” state: 5 glasses of water for 5-8 year olds a day and 7 glasses of water for 9-12 year olds and 8-10 glasses for 13 and above.  Obviously more on a hot day, exercising, when you are sick etc..  Fill the water bottle before school with ice and water and they can refill throughout the day.

Dress for success!  Brrr….baby it’s cold outside.  Please have your kids in long pants and sleeves or layers for school.  Their small little bodies use up a lot of energy trying to stay warm.  That energy would be put to better use reading, solving a math problem, discovering where penguins live and so on.  Yes, we do go outside when it is cold.  Warm jacket, snow pants, mittens, hat and snow boots keep your kids safe and warm.  They need to be dressed for success whether it is recess, gym or patrol.

Breakfast, breakfast, breakfast, yummy for the tummy!  The brain needs nutrition throughout the day. When their little tummies are empty, their brains tend to focus on that need instead of what the teacher’s trying to explain.  Remember ALL kindergartners have the ability to enjoy a free breakfast.  All other students can use their accounts just like lunch.  Cheryl, our kitchen manager, would love to see some happy faces for her healthy breakfast.

Enjoy your winter days by dressing warm, filling those tummies and drinking plenty of water.

Please remember when to keep your child home.  If your child comes to school with a fever, diarrhea, vomiting, rash, this passes quickly on to other children and can end up right back to you.  Keep in mind we have about 800 or so kids and everyone wants to stay healthy.

Gentle reminder of our guidelines to have your child stay home if:

~~Temperature of 100 or greater, may return when under 100 orally and without the use of fever reducers for 24 hours

~~Vomiting or diarrhea, may return when hasn’t had an issue for 24 hours

~~Severe coughing or difficulty breathing (if a nagging, itchy cough, please have child bring water bottle, encourage a lot of water)

~~Open sores on mouth

~~Skin rash or red eye from undetermined cause (if pink eye diagnosed, a MD’s note needed to return or treatment for 24 hours)

~~Head lice and scabies, until treatment complete

~~Any contagious conditions such as strep throat, impetigo, chickenpox, pertussis, mumps, Hep-A, measles, mumps, rubella, shingles, or herpes simplex

Always notify me of a contagious illness. I will keep track to see if there are clusters so I can notify the potentially exposed grade level.

Please also call me with any questions.  My hours are 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM, Monday thru Friday. Feel free to leave a message, I will get back to you as soon as my office clears out.

Thank you,

Nurse Danna



PTO News:

Volunteers Needed to Provide Staff Meals at Conferences

The Hospitality Committee will be providing meals for the Red Pine teachers and staff during conferences on Feb 9th and 11th.  We are looking for Red Pine families to make a monetary donation or provide a food item to the conferences.   Please email Lakoda Will at willlakoda@comcast.net and she will send you the link to sign-up.  Thanks for volunteering!

PTO Update:

Are you looking for a way to get more involved and make a positive impact at Red Pine? There are several PTO board and committee opportunities that will be opening up for the 2016-17 school year. We'll post more details in the coming months, but if you're interested in volunteering, please reach out to John Congemi at johncongemi@gmail.com.

Box Tops:

Great Job on collecting those Box Tops! Another 1,352 box tops were turned in last month! That’s another $135.20 for our school! To date, we have raised just over $1,000 towards our $6,000 goal.  

Mrs. Henning’s class is in the lead to win the pizza party at the end of February, followed by Mrs.Reed and Mrs. Monssen’s classes. Please continue to collect those box tops.  

Attached you will also find another collection sheet - also put on the Red Pine PTO page of the website.

For any questions, please contact Kirsten Langstraat at Langstraatfamily@gmail.com

Red Pine Twins Day - SAVE THE DATE!!!

Mark your calendar for Sunday, April 17th at 1:10 for our annual Red Pine Twins Day. The Red Pine 5th graders will be singing the national anthem prior to this game.

More detail to follow.  If you have any questions, please contact Lori Preiner at jfp10645@comcast.net  


Be sure to check out and "like" our Red Pine Elementary PTO Facebook site for the latest updates!

Community News:

ISD 196 Community Education:

www.district196.org/ce • view videolike District 196 Community Education on Facebook

Daddy/Daughter Dance (dads and daughters ages 3-11)

Sat | Apr 23 | 6-8pm | $30/couple, $15 add’l child | FRMS

Fab Lab Exploration (parents and children grades 3-12)

Sat | Feb 27 | 9am to noon | $39 | AVHS

3D Engineering: Architectural and Structural (grades K-3)

Sat | Feb 27-Mar 5 | 9am-noon | 2 ses | $69 | FRMS

Plan ahead. Spring break!

Canvas and Frozen’s Sven (ages 4-9)

Mon | Mar 21 | 9am-noon | $35 | AVCC

Prairie Fire Children’s Theatre-Robin Hood (ages 7-18)

Mon-Fri | Mar 21-25 | 9am-1:15pm | $99 | FRMS

Star Wars Jedi Movie Making (grades K-3)

Mon, Tue | Mar 21-22 | 9am-12pm | 2 ses | $79 | FRMS

Game Coding (grades 3-6)

Mon, Tue | Mar 21-22 | 9am-12pm | 2 ses | $79 | FRMS

Super-Duper Messy Art (ages 4-9)

Tue | Mar 22 | 9am-12pm | $35 | AVCC

How to Draw Frozen’s Olaf (ages 4-9)

Wed | Mar 23 | 9am-12pm | $35 | AVCC

Rock ‘N Roll Robotics (grades K-3)

Wed, Thu | Mar 23-24 | 9am-12pm | 2 ses | $79 | FRMS

Extreme Robotics: Battlebots (grades 3-6)

Wed, Thu | Mar 23-24 | 9am-12pm | 2 ses | $79 | FRMS

Beach Day Barbie (ages 4-9)

Thu | Mar 24 | 9am-12pm | $35 | AVCC

Spirit Wear (grades 3-7)

Thu | Mar 24 | 1-3pm | $29 | FRMS