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February 10, 2016

posted Feb 10, 2016, 1:41 PM by Kristen Henning

Red Pine School Newsletter Week of February 15 ­ 19, 2016

Monday NO SCHOOL ­Presidents’ Day
Tuesday cycle day 6A
Wednesday cycle day 1B
Thursday cycle day 2C ­ Site Council Meeting 4 ­ 5 pm Friday cycle day 3D ­ School Store

School News:

>>>>Take a Look at theLOST & FOUNDTable at Conferences!!!!
Tables full of mittens, hats and other miscellaneous items. Items remaining after next week will be donated.

ACCESS Testing:
All English Learners (EL) in grades K­5 will be taking the ACCESStest. The ACCESS testing window is Now through March 18th, 2016. Kindergarten​ ​ACCESStesting dates: Mon. 2/1­ Fri. 2/19

and flexible.

GRASP Returns for Summer 2016

Parents, the GRASP summer math and reading workbook program is back for this summer.

More than 1,800 District 196 students completed GRASP math and reading packets last summer. Families say they like the GRASP option – it’s portable

GRASP should not be considered as a replacement for participating in summer school, if a child qualifies. GRASP is not intended to replace regular reading for enjoyment or math activities that strengthen a child’s fluency and love for math.

You will receive a letter and enrollment forms the week of February 15. Final registration is due March 29. NEW THIS YEAR: Do NOTreturn enrollment for to your child’s school!!!

View sample GRASP workbooks through the end of March in your school office. Stop by and see why the program has received rave reviews from parents, kids and teachers!

It is recommended students work on the grade level just completed, to review and reinforce skills learned during the school year.

February is I LOVE TO READ Month.
To help RP celebrate the RP Library has the following events for students:

  • ●  Usborne Book Fair during conferences

  • ●  Photo Contest

  • ●  READO boards

  • ●  Read Across America Day All School Assembly on MARCH 2, 2016

    Please feel free to contact Mrs. Robertsonw/ questions.

    Come to the ‘Reading is a Gift Book Fair’!
    Stop into the Red Pine Elementary Library during Conferences.
    Get books for your children and Red Pine will earn
    FREE BOOKSfor the Classrooms! Thursday, February 11, Noon ­ 8 p.m.
    More information: Tami, tzvolena@gmail.com

    Donation Request

    Kindergarten is looking for gently used personal CD players to use for listening stations. If you have a CD player you would be willing to donate, please send in to Kristen Henning. Thank you!

    Health & Wellness Committee:

    Red Pine Skateville Night!

    Sponsored by the Health & Wellness Committee, we will have a Red Pine Skateville Night on Tuesday, February 16th from 6:00 – 8:00. We hope to see you there!

    Health & Fitness Fair – SAVE THE DATE!

    TheRedPineHealth&FitnessFairwillbeonSaturday,April9from10:00–12:00,followed immediately by our Eat Your Colors Run!
    We are always looking for new vendors to join the fair. If you have connections to businesses or organizations who might be interested, email
    Paula Kirschenheiter at Paula.Kirschenheiter@district196.org or Rachel Winklerat Rachel.Winkler@district196.org.

    Nurse’s Corner:

    Greetings Parentsand... Happy Short Week!

I hope the weather doesn’t hold true to freezing temps so the kids can get out and enjoy the wonderful Minnesota winter.

A couple of reminders:

If your child has ANY restrictions due to illness or injury on regularly scheduled class days, please send a note to me with the specific restrictions and signed by the provider. This ensures the safety of your child while he or she is in our care. I then communicate with the teacher, PE, and Recess Clerks on restrictions. Once restrictions are lifted, I will need another note stating the child is back to normal activities prior to illness or injury and communication follows with our staff.

Allergies – Asthma – Chronic Health Issues:

Every fall I will need current documentation of the child’s issues and new asthma, allergy or chronic illness treatment plans filled out. If anything changes throughout the year....EXAMPLE: tested for seafood allergy, now negative. I will need that information from the doctor so I can update the child’s information. Otherwise no fish will be served and he or she will have that as an allergy.

Special dietsalso need doctor documentation and I will communicate with our lunch staff. Long weekends, friends over, sleep overs, watch out for the Lice issue. Please be vigilant in

checking after breaks and when kids get together. No sharing brushes, hats, jackets and so on.


Please remember when to keep your child home.

If your child comes to school with a fever, diarrhea, vomiting, rash, this passes quickly on to other children and can end up right back to you. Keep in mind we have about 800+ kids and everyone wants to stay healthy.

Gentle reminder of our guidelines to have your child stay home if:

~~Temperature of 100 or greater, may return when under 100 orally and withoutthe use of fever reducers for 24 hours
~~Vomiting or diarrhea, may return when hasn’t had an issue for 24 hours
~~Severe coughing or difficulty breathing (if a nagging, itchy cough, please have child bring water bottle, encourage a lot of water)

~~Open sores on mouth
~~Skin rash or red eye from undetermined cause (if pink eye diagnosed, a MD’s note needed to return or treatment for 24 hours)
~~Head lice and scabies, until treatment complete
~~Any contagious conditions such as
strep throat, impetigo, chickenpox, pertussis, mumps, Hep­A, measles, mumps, rubella, shingles,or herpes simplex

Always notify me of a contagious illness. I will keep track to see if there are clusters so I can notify the potentially exposed grade level.

Please also call me with any questions. My hours are 8:30 AM ­ 4:00 PM, Monday thru Friday. Feel free to leave a message, I will get back to you as soon as my office clears out.

Thank you,

Nurse Danna

651­423­7871 danna.steffen@district196.org

PTO News:

School Pak

It is that time of year again! We are getting everything in order for School Paks, for the 2016­2017 School year. In the coming weeks, we will have a link in the newsletter where you can shop for the school supplies for the next school year. You will be able to elect delivery to school (free) or delivery to home (for a fee). The paks that are being delivered to school will be able to be picked up at the School Open House in late August.
More information to follow. If you have any questions, you can contact
Dawn Horarikat

(952.240.4928 ) or dawnhorarik@yahoo.com

Box Tops:

Great Job on collecting those Box Tops! Another 1,508 box tops were turned in during the month of January! That’s another $150.80for our school!
UPDATE:​ ​Mrs. Monssen’s 3rd grade classis now in the lead to win the pizza party at the end of this month. Mrs. Henning’s classand Mrs. Tufto’s classare not far behind!

You have until Friday, February 26thto turn in your box tops for this pizza party! Please continue to collect those box tops.
If you have any questions, please contact,
Kirsten Langstraatat langstraatfamily@gmail.com

PTO Update:

Are you looking for a way to get more involved and make a positive impact at Red Pine? There are several PTO board and committee opportunities that will be opening up for the 2016­17

school year. We'll post more details in the coming months, but if you're interested in volunteering, please reach out to John Congemiat johncongemi@gmail.com.

Red Pine Twins Day ­ SAVE THE DATE!!!

Mark your calendar for Sunday, April 17that 1:10 for our annual Red Pine Twins Day.The Red Pine 5th graders will be singing the national anthem prior to this game.
More detail to follow. If you have any questions, please contact
Lori Preinerat jfp10645@comcast.net

Be sure to check out and "like"our Red Pine Elementary PTO Facebook site for the latest updates!

Community News:

ISD 196 Community Education:

www.district196.org/ce • view videolike District 196 Community Education on Facebook Daddy/Daughter Dance (dads and daughters ages 3­11)
Sat | Apr 23 | 6­8pm | $30/couple, $15 add’l child | FRMS

Fab Lab Exploration (parents and children grades 3­12)

Sat | Feb 27 | 9am to noon | $39 | AVHS

3D Engineering: Architectural and Structural (grades K­3)

Sat | Feb 27­Mar 5 | 9am­noon | 2 ses | $69 | FRMS

Plan ahead. Spring break!
Canvas and Frozen’s Sven (ages 4­9)
Mon | Mar 21 | 9am­noon | $35 | AVCC

Prairie Fire Children’s Theatre­Robin Hood (ages 7­18)

Mon­Fri | Mar 21­25 | 9am­1:15pm | $99 | FRMS

Star Wars Jedi Movie Making (grades K­3)

Mon, Tue | Mar 21­22 | 9am­12pm | 2 ses | $79 | FRMS

Game Coding (grades 3­6)

Mon, Tue | Mar 21­22 | 9am­12pm | 2 ses | $79 | FRMS

Super­Duper Messy Art (ages 4­9)

Tue | Mar 22 | 9am­12pm | $35 | AVCC

How to Draw Frozen’s Olaf (ages 4­9)

Wed | Mar 23 | 9am­12pm | $35 | AVCC

Rock ‘N Roll Robotics (grades K­3)

Wed, Thu | Mar 23­24 | 9am­12pm | 2 ses | $79 | FRMS

Extreme Robotics: Battlebots (grades 3­6)

Wed, Thu | Mar 23­24 | 9am­12pm | 2 ses | $79 | FRMS

Beach Day Barbie (ages 4­9)

Thu | Mar 24 | 9am­12pm | $35 | AVCC

Spirit Wear (grades 3­7)

Thu | Mar 24 | 1­3pm | $29 | FRMS