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December 10, 2015

posted Dec 10, 2015, 11:50 AM by Kristen Henning

Red Pine School Newsletter

Week of December 14 - 18, 2015

Monday       cycle day 2B   

Tuesday      cycle day 3C – Math Olympiad Contest #2

Wednesday cycle day 4D

Thursday     cycle day 5E

Friday          cycle day 6A – Student Council Sponsored “Red Pine Day”

                                               First Grade Gingerbread Houses


School News:


Red Pine Ski Club:  

Red Pine is continuing with a third year of a ski and snowboard experience for the fourth and fifth graders. Buck Hill has made a new policy and isn’t allowing third graders to be in Ski Club this year.  I am sorry for the inconvenience.  Ski and Snowboard Club takes place for five evenings in January, February and March at Buck Hill Ski & Snowboard Area in Burnsville.  The intent of this program is for students to gain exposure, experience, and confidence in an activity not usually found at school. Skiing and Snowboarding are not risk-free sports, but can be safe if one learns how to be responsible.

Registration is due December 16th.  The first 150 complete applications will be accepted.  (Applications include a signed parent consent form and payment of the full amount.  Checks should be made out to ISD #196.) Applications will be taken on a first come, first served basis.

We will have a meeting at school for the students during the week of December 21.  I will email the information to parents after the meeting.

Ski Club nights include five Thursdays: January 28, February 4, February 18, February 25, and March 3 from 5:00 – 8:00pm.

The registration can be found at https://sites.google.com/a/apps.district196.org/red-pine-elementary-school/classrooms  under RP Ski Club.

If you have any questions, please contact Kristen Henning at Kristen.Henning@district196.org

Thank you!


Shoe Fundraiser!!!!

Would you ever think that your old shoes could help provide amazing learning opportunities for Red Pine students? They can and here’s how.  Our school is participating in a fundraiser where there is nothing to buy or sell.  All we need is your old shoes. We are looking for families to help support us by collecting pairs of gently worn, used and new shoes in the next 4 weeks. Here’s how you do it: Start in your family’s closets and gather any pairs of shoes that you’ve outgrown, are out of style, or out of season. Please ask your neighbors and/or co-workers to do the same.  These shoes will help support our school as well as individuals in developing nations like Ghana, Haiti and Bolivia. Red Pine Elementary will receive money for each pound of shoes collected that will help defray costs for the 5th grade Eagle Bluff field trip.  Can we count on you?  See if you can collect 25 pairs, but if not, remember every pair helps!  Shoes can be dropped off in the dark blue bins outside the main office during the next few weeks.

In the Lab With Mrs. Skalski

All Red Pine students visit the computer lab with me, Mrs. Skalski, and together we explore how to use technology to help us learn, create, and collaborate with others. This week we are participating in the national Hour of Code. Check out our activities and find other useful links on our website, https://sites.google.com/a/apps.district196.org/skalski/home.  

Red Pine Fitness Tests

1.  Curl-Up Test

        -Students follow a cadence at a ratio of 1 curl-up per 3 seconds, with a maximum of 73. This test is designed to measure abdominal strength and endurance.

2.  Sit and Reach

        -Students take their shoes off, have a PVC pipe placed under their knees, put their feet inside a metal box, and stretch with their hands as far as they can reach on the top of the box.  This test measures the flexibility of the lower back and hamstrings

3.  Static Arm Hang

        -Students hold onto a bar that is mounted on the wall, and are timed to see how long they can hold themselves with bent arms.  This test measures upper body strength and endurance.

4.  20-Meter Pacer Test

        -Students start on a line, and each time they hear a bell, they proceed to the other side of the gym.  The bell starts out about 15 seconds apart, and gets a second or two faster every 7 laps.  If a bell is heard and a student is not on a line, it is considered a miss.  Two misses and the students’ test is over.  This test measures cardiorespiratory endurance.

Emphasis for all fitness tests is personal improvement!  Try to get the same score, or better, each time the test is given.  Fitness testing is done in the fall and the spring.

Viewing Fitness Reports

Below are the steps to access your child(ren)’s fitness reports.

1.    Go to the district School View website.

2.    Log in using your user name and password.

3.    Select the child you want to view.

4.    Click on Document Center on the bottom left side of the screen.

5.    Click on Show Fitness Document.

If you do not have access to a computer, you may request a copy from one of us and we will print it off and send it to you.

Thanks so much!  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Mark Amundson mark.amundson@district196.org

Mike Kotasek       mike.kotasek@district196.org


Red Pine PE Specialists

In Red Pine FLL Lego League News,

Congratulations to Red Pine's two FLL Lego League Teams, the Robo Cardinals and Wild Enchanted Potatoes, for all of their many successes in last Saturday's Regional Tournament, which included 32 Elementary and Middle School teams from all over our area, and took place at Capitol Hill STEM School in St. Paul!

The Wild Enchanted Potatoes won 1st Place in the Robot Game and 2nd Place in Head to Head Competition!  They did a great job on their research project on composting, on robot design and programming, and core values!  Wow, way to represent Red Pine proudly Kyan Chau, Natu Daniel, Drew Gullickson, Ryder Ligtenberg, Swami Marungar, Griffin McClary, Abdullah Mir, Anthony Nguyen, Saad Saleem, and Elisha Sanchez!  And a huge thank you so much to our excellent parent coaches, Farrukh Haider and Shahzad Saleem, for all of their hard work, time, and dedication to coaching our Red Pine students well!

The Robo Cardinals won the Judge's Award for Team Spirit with their high energy and great teamwork and sportsmanship throughout the tournament, loudly cheering on and high fiving each other and all teams!  They also made it to the Semi-Finals in the Head to Head Competition!  They did an amazing job on their research project for Trash Trek, an excellent job on their robot design and programming, a super job on their creative lego visors, and a phenomenal job on core values!  Wow, way to represent Red Pine proudly Sienna Boeckman, Noah Goos, Jacob Haugland, Brendan Herme, Brooke Kimel, Eric Li, Alex Miller, Sam Nozal, Adam Polanski, and Alan Uitdenbogerd!  And a huge thank you so much to our outstanding parent coaches, Sara Haugland and Dave Nozal, for all of their hard work, time, and dedication to coaching our Red Pine students well!

Since words can't completely describe the spectacular moments, high energy, enthusiasm, teamwork, sportsmanship, talent, effort, creativity, and extreme fun of the day, we hope you'll enjoy these videos and pictures that say it all:









And Pictures:


From The Social Worker:

Holidays are right around the corner.  If you are looking for some help this holiday season, here are some community resources available. Please note deadlines.  Some holiday deadlines are approaching.

Holiday Resources

UNITED WAY 2-1-1:  United Way receives information from organizations that are providing Holiday food, toys or gifts.  Call 2-1-1 or 651-291-0211.  They will search for programs within your zip code.

THE FOOD GROUP:  Baskets of Hope will be distributed through local food shelves. Check with the food shelf you are registered with or that serves your zip code area.   www.thefoodgroupmn.org , 763-450-3860

FARE FOR ALL EXPRESS, 763-450-3880. http://fareforall.org/   Offers a special Holiday pack.  Call to order and to find a site for pick up.  Holiday Pack for $30 – Available in November and December, holiday packs contain most of the fixings for a holiday meal, including a turkey in November and a ham in December.  Other food/packs available as well.


360 Communities Food Shelves Contact Info:

Burnsville Family Resource Center Food Shelf – Customers shop for their food.

501 East Highway 13, Suite 102

Burnsville, Minnesota 55337

(952) 985-5300        Open Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Our Daily Bread Food Shelf

Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church

12650 Johnny Cake Ridge Road

Apple Valley, Minnesota  55124

Contact 360 Communities at (651) 322-5113.

Farmington Food Shelf

510 Walnut Street

Farmington, Minnesota  55024

Phone:  (651) 463-5019  Fax:  (651) 463-5017

Feed My Sheep Food Shelf – Customers shop for their food.

Messiah Lutheran Church

16725 Highview Avenue

Lakeville, Minnesota  55044

Phone:  (952) 431-5959 ext. 11     Fax:  (952) 431-5980

Rosemount Family Resource Center

14521 Cimarron Avenue, West

Rosemount, Minnesota  55068

Phone:  (651) 322-5113                    Fax:  (651) 322-5023

Nurse’s Corner:

Frequently asked questions:

What does a fever mean?

A fever occurs when the body temperature is elevated.  It happens when something is wrong, usually an infection within the body.  The hypothalamus of the brain increases the body’s temperature to fight against infections.  So it is important for your body’s defense against infection and inflammation.  It is trying to kill the viruses or bacteria that are invading your body.

We request as a district if your child has a fever of 100 or greater that you keep your child home until the fever is normal without using Tylenol or Ibuprofen (fever reducers).  This will help stop the spread of a viral or bacterial illness.  Fever Reducers will decrease your child’s temp and may even make them feel better, but as the medicine wears off the child will start to feel bad and his/her fever will start to rise and is still contagious and the spread continues.

Pink Eye, when can I return?

Pink eye can be bacterial or viral.  Neither is pretty.  A doctor must check your child out prior to returning to school if she or he has pink eye and let the school nurse know they are ok to return.  The MD will also decide if your child will need antibiotics.   Our district requests that while symptoms are present – white or yellow drainage from the eyes and painful or extremely itchy.  See attachment.

Strep throatPlease click link attachment below

Red Pine has had reported cases of:


http://www.district196.org/District/Departments/HealthServices/Diseases/TechnicalFactSheet/1350_s6head LICE.pdf

STREP THROAT http://www.district196.org/District/Departments/HealthServices/Diseases/TechnicalFactSheet/1665_s6STREPT.pdf


Gentle reminder of our guidelines to have your child stay home if:

~~Temperature of 100 or greater, may return when under 100 orally and without the use of fever reducers for 24 hours

~~Vomiting or diarrhea, may return when hasn’t had an issue for 24 hours

~~Severe coughing or difficulty breathing (if a nagging, itchy cough, please have child bring water bottle, encourage a lot of water)

~~Open sores on mouth

~~Skin rash or red eye from undetermined cause (if pink eye diagnosed, a MD’s note needed to return or treatment for 24 hours)

~~Head lice and scabies, until treatment complete

~~Any contagious conditions such as strep throat, impetigo, chickenpox, pertussis, mumps, Hep-A, measles, mumps, rubella, shingles, or herpes simplex

Always notify me of a contagious illness. I will keep track to see if there are clusters so I can notify the potentially exposed grade level.

Thank you,

Nurse Danna



PTO News:

Art Adventure:

Have you been thinking of volunteering for this fun program? Please let us know by Tuesday, December 15 so we can include you in the February 2016 presentations!

Here is a video link that helps explain what we do in this amazing program!


Contact the Art Adventure co-chairs

Heather Northrup 651-245-9717 hnorthru@aol.com

Lisa Kruse 651-494-7228  kadyanole@gmail.com

PTO Meeting:

The next PTO meeting is this Thursday, December 10 at 4:30pm in the media center. We'll get a Principal and Site Council update, be voting on proposed expenses and sharing future available PTO committee positions. We' hope to see you there!


Be sure to check out and "like" our Red Pine Elementary PTO Facebook site for the latest updates!