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Red Pine Elementary Library Program Overview:


The Red Pine Library’s goals are to:

*promote a love of reading,

*help students to access, process, and communicate across all types of media,

*assist students in becoming effective users of ideas and information, and

*encourage lifelong learning.


 We promote these goals by:

*providing a wide variety of print, non-print and electronic resources.

*running a student-friendly library including two professional staff members and many dedicated volunteers.

*integrating technology for educational objectives.

*teaching lifelong skills such as library location skills (print and electronic), the research process, understanding media messages, literature appreciation, and the responsible use of technology.



Please note:

*Individual students are welcome in the library for browsing, checking out books, using the computers, and doing research any time of the day with teacher permission. 

*Grade 1-5 classrooms are scheduled to visit for a 50-minute library each cycle while Kindergarten students have a 25-minute visit each library cycle.  Please see library schedule for more detail:

*It is important that each student has something to read which he/she enjoys. If you have any questions concerning books, due dates, book recommendations, or other library topics, please feel free to e-mail Mrs. Robertson.  Please see our Library Google Site for some book recommendations and library announcements:

 *If your student forgets books or is absent on library day, please encourage them to visit us the next day when his / her teacher approves.