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Why is Attendance Important?

Consistent attendance ensures a child’s success in school. In the state of Minnesota, it is the parent or guardian’s legal responsibility that all elementary-age children attend school. Elementary-age students who miss seven unexcused days of school or more, according to the Minnesota Statutes regarding education, are considered at risk for educational neglect and their parents are in violation of the state law on compulsory education (see MN Statutes 260C.007, Subd.19.) State guidelines require schools to record absences and tardies.

We know that as early as Kindergarten, too many absences or tardies can cause children to fall behind both academically and socially. Even if students miss just a day or two every few weeks, or are tardy for school, their social and academic process can be negatively affected.

My Child is Going to be Absent. What do I do?

For safety reasons, parents must report student absences by calling the school attendance line at 651-683-6820, or emailing the school attendance secretary at as soon as possible each day your child is absent. Parents must report a reason for the absence. If the school has not received a call before 9:30 a.m., the office will call parents at home or work to verify a student’s absence.

More Information About Attendance

Excessive absences and/or tardies will result in a letter of concern from the school. It should be noted that three unexcused tardies may be counted as one unexcused absence. In some cases, the school may require a doctor’s note or a visit to the school nurse for the absence to be considered excused. Tardies are define as being late for school or leaving before the school day is over.

Please refer to the list below to determine if your child’s absence will be recorded as excused or unexcused by the school.

 Excused Absences   Unexcused Absences
  •  Illness
  • Appointments for doctor, dentist, or mental health
  • Funeral
  • Religious holiday
  • Extreme family emergency
  • Planned family vacation
  • Unique circumstance which are preauthorized by a school administrator
  •  Child/parent overslept
  • Parents forgot to wake child
  • Missed bus
  • Parents did not know school schedule
  • Child did not feel like going to school
  • Child was sleepy
  • Child thinks school is boring
  • Child is having difficult time separating from parents
  • Inclement weather
  • Child does not meet state immunization law requirements
  • Child is babysitting a younger sibling
  • Child does not have transportation to school