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Parents of fourth graders: once your child has met with Mrs. Wyatt and selected an instrument click here to register for band.

4th Grade Note: Instrument Selection will begin in Mid-March. It will take until the end of March to get to meet all of the 4th graders at Northview and Oak Ridge. That is over 200 students. Wow! No worries, I will meet with EVERYONE. : )

Especially for Fourth Graders and their parents


Parents: please read this handbook for all band details!

5th grade band is a prerequisite for 6th grade band!

Starting band in 5th grade gives you so many more class and activity choices for middle school and high school!

Instrument selection:  You pick the instrument that is just right for you.  Mrs. Wyatt gives advice and recommendations when you meet together.  This is just like shoe shopping.  Sometimes a pair of shoes looks awesome in the window of the store.  But when you try them on, they don't quite fit.  So, there is always the perfect pair of shoes waiting somewhere.  This may be how you find your instrument.  You may have an idea of what to choose, but you try it on and it isn't quite right.  So....  you try on something else and...  PERFECT Match!  

Be open minded......

The instrumental music program provides instruction for band students in small group lessons and large group rehearsals. Concerts are presented in December and April. Instruction begins during the summer after the student's fourth grade year in school. Fifth grade students new to Northview have the opportunity to join the band program.

Some of our goals include helping students make music alone and with others, developing learning strategies and thinking skills, and encouraging a life-long appreciation of music.
Band students are part of an on-going instrumental music curriculum from grade five through twelve. Students at the middle and high school levels also have opportunities to perform in special ensembles, participate in solo and ensemble contests, jazz band, marching band and pep band for athletic events.

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