Welcome to ART NV All-Stars!

Northview Elementary classroom Art Program is designed 
so that each student will be able to do the following:

  • Students will have an understanding of the art elements and principles through a variety of 
    media during their years at Northview.
  • The artwork we create is connected to science, literacy, math, and social studies.
  • The art curriculum is interdisciplinary and will 
  • often support the grade level curriculum.
  • The processes we will explore this year include drawing, printmaking, textiles, collage, painting, sculpture, multi-media, found-object art, graphic design and typography, environmental art, and functional art.

Katie Collins
Art Teacher
VM.  92423

NORTHVIEW ARTISTS  will be creating Art, themed to their Music Program this year. Please visit the displays in the Media Center and hallway near the gym during the music programs this year to enjoy the Art Show portion! There will also be art in the hallways near 
their classrooms.

Artist Display SCHEDULE 

Grade 1
March 16, 2017   -  6pm

Grade 2
December 8, 2016  -   6pm

Grade 3
April 27, 2017  -  6pm

Grades 4
December 8, 2016 -  7pm

Grades 5
March 16, 2017  -  7pm