CID stands for Communication Interaction Disorder. It is an educational program created for students with significant communication disorders, social skill needs and sensory processing needs. Many of these students have autism.

Currently, Northview has 2 CID classrooms. These CID classrooms provide center based, small group instruction, with a classroom size 
of 6 - 7 students. The classrooms are designed to provide academic and functional skill instruction. Classroom staff also help students regulate their sensory systems throughout the school day.

Each classroom has a teacher as well as several paraprofessionals to help assist with academic instruction, functional skill instruction, mainstreaming activities, etc. Throughout the week, students spend time with a music specialist, occupational therapist, speech and language therapist, and an adapted physical education teacher.

As people travel around Northview Elementary, it is easy to notice some of our program's equipment. The carts, vests, swings, trampoline, and wagons are all used to provide vestibular and proprioceptive input to our students who need help moderating their sensory processing systems. These activities help students' sensory systems maintain a level that is optimal for learning.

Diane Clounch
CID Teacher
VM ext. 92862

Colleen Parker
CID Teacher
VM ext. 92681