The All-Star Code (school wide behavior expectations and guidelines)

Northview All-Star Code:

I will be responsible.
I will be respectful.
I will be safe and kind.

Shining Stars

Students earn shining stars by following the All-Star Code and meeting the behavior expectations in all areas of the school!.

Fine Dining

Each Day Students Can Earn Fine Dining Stars By Using Good Manners. Manners 
That Would Include:
  • Waiting Quietly In Line In The Hallways & Lunchroom (Not To Disturb Classes That Are Working).
  • Using Polite Words
  • Visiting Nicely At The Table
  • Clearing Our Trays And Stacking Them In The Correct Bins.

Code Reminders

Students who do not follow the code will receive a code reminder that will be sent home for a parent signature. Code Reminders will be given after a verbal warning. If a student gets two code reminders in one day, they will be required to visit the office.