American Century

"Any good history begins in strangeness. The past should not be comfortable. The past should not be a familiar echo of the present, for if it is familiar why revisit it? The past should be so strange that you wonder how you and people you know and love could come from such a time." Richard Wright

The American Century is the third-year component of the DeLaSalle Social Studies curriculum: a required course for all juniors. The focus of the class is United States and world history from the Great War to the present; and, the successful completion of a History Day project. The primary textbook will be the Digital History of the United States, which will be supplemented with readings, independent research and various media.
Minneapolis, c. 1910
Dipity Timlines: Civil Rights
Period 5                                      Period 6

Selma                                         Main Events
Civil Rights Era,                          Events of the Era,
Septima Poinsette Clark,             Curt Flood,
Desegregation of the Military,       Lena Olive Smith,   
1920-1960                               Civil Rights Timeline 
Martin L. King Jr.,                       Cesar Chavez  
Million Man March,                     Emmett Till,   
Thurgood Marshall,                     Civil Rights Movement,   
Muhammad Ali,                            Key Events,   
Arthur Ashe,                                Ceaser Chavez,
Civil Rights Era                            James Bevel,
Civil Rights Timeline                    Civil Rights Era,
Freedom Riders                        Integration in the Military,
Coretta Scott King                      Black Panthers,