Mr. Martin Marrin

"If [history students] have learned enough from their critical reading of history, they should be able to detect farce better than those who are unlettered and ill informed about the past." C. Vann Woodward 612-676-7648
I am available to meet with students before school (8:00 to 8:25) and after school until 4:00PM

Advanced Placement United States History  maybe taken in lieu of the American Century class. APUSH examines the broad scope of US history from first contact to the late 20th century. Students may earn college credit upon taking the AP exam May 14, 2014
American Century is a required course  for all 11th grade students. Students will examine - through the lens of US history - the interaction of countries, cultures and peoples throughout the 20th century.

History Day allows students to become historians. DLS History Day is Tuesday February 18, 2014. This year's theme: Rights and Responsibilities in History.

Minnesota History Day, Saturday May 4 2013 University of Minnesota.  
Minnesota at National History Day 2012
2012 National History Day                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Quiz Bowl
is an academic competition. Practice begins in October, and matches run through February


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US History Timeline

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Presidential Election Ads 1952-2008

2012 Campaign Ads, from the Washington Post

Second Suspension Bridge c. 1890
Minnesota Historical Society

Jewish Tenement, 6th and Lyndale, Minneapolis, 1908