The Monsignor P. William Coates Library is open each school day from 8:00AM to 4:30PM. Students and their family members are welcome to use the books, magazines, computers, and media resources available for assignment research, personal growth, and recreational reading. The library is in the "A Building," directly across from the Casanova Room, near the entrance to the Main Gym.

Ms. Judith Roggow
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What is in the library?
The library has a collection of many books, magazines, newspapers, audiocassettes and videotapes. The library also has subscriptions to various online databases which provide reference materials, magazines and newspapers in electronic format. The library computer lab has desktop computers available for homework use.

How do I check-out a book or magazine?

Student ID cards are needed to check-out library materials. The bar-code on the student ID card is scanned for electronic record keeping.

How long may I keep checked-out items?
Books circulate for three weeks. Past issues of magazines circulate for one week. Reference books do not circulate. In the case of school breaks or weekends, books are due for return on the next school day. Most items may generally be renewed.

Is there a fine if I return a book past the due date?
Overdue notice reminders are sent to students via first hour classes.
There is no late charge for books returned after the due date.
Students will be billed at the end of each semester for any materials that have not been returned.

Can we eat and drink in the library?
Food and beverages are not allowed in the library or in the computer labs.

Can I suggest a book or video I think the library should have?

Yes, please! If you know of a book or other item you think would be appropriate to our collection, please talk to Ms. Roggow.

Library Mission Statement

To ensure that students and staff are effective users of ideas and information by:
• Supporting learning and instruction through the curriculum
• Promoting the planning, implementation, and use of technology in the school effectively and responsibly
• Automating the library and implementing an online catalog
• Supporting the development of information literate students; to create and support partnerships with the public library and other resources in the community
• Present intellectual and physical access to print and electronic resources with up to date technology
• Promoting academic freedom within a Christian educational environment
• Presenting students with a learning community not limited by time, place, age, occupation or disciplinary borders
• Joining teachers and others to identify links between student information needs, curricular content, learning outcomes, and a variety of print and non-print resources

To fulfill these mission goals, the Library provides:
• Up-to-date book collections
• Comprehensive periodical subscription roster
• Individual and whole-class instruction
• Research and document creation assistance
• Computers for word processing and multimedia creation
• A copy machine
• A comfortable Leisure Reading Area
• AV Equipment