School Profile

About Zhuangjing 

Our campus is 19,000 sqm or almost three soccer pitches in size. Our school was established as Zhuang-Jing Branch School in February 2001, and in August of the same year it received permission to establish itself as an independent school. In 2003, we recruited our first cohort of students to relieve the pressure of overenrolled neighboring schools. 

Development Vision

In line with the national K-12 curriculum, we have constructed as the main axis for our education for our students that live by “Respect Yourself, Others, and Life.” As moral cultivation works inside-out, we strive to make our students aware of themselves, care for others, love Life, respect Nature, and pursue harmony with others, society, and nature. We also aim for our students’ overall development, happy learning in a friendly and harmonious environment, healthy growth, and become 21st century global citizens with cultured and caring, innovative and outstanding, with high energy and good health.