School’s Evolution


In the 1990s, when the economy was booming and industry and commerce developed at a brisk pace, and construction was thriving, Taoyuan was the industrial and commercial heartland of the north and its population grew, as did the demand for quality education. 

Thus, in 1998 the Chung-Yuan Branch School was started to prepare for a new school. In 2000 the Chung-Yuan Elementary School Preparatory Office was established and began the construction process.

In 2001, construction was completed and our school started recruiting its first cohort of first graders, while grades 2 to 5 were filled by students transferred from two nearby schools. As our educational quality was excellent, the teachers highly engaged, and the parents pleased and supportive, our student numbers grew explosively. Our school size now stands at more than 50 classes and we are a well-regarded school in Taoyuan.


26 Jun 1998: Chung-Yuan Branch School is established
7 Jul 2000: Chung-Yuan Elementary School Preparatory Office is established 
1 Aug 2001: Chung-Yuan Elementary School is officially established 
30 Aug 2001: First nutritious school lunches 
6 Sep 2001: Saturday school club starts 
30 Aug 2003: After-school childcare starts 
1 Aug 2004: Extra-care classes are established
15 Dec 2004: Chung-Yuan Elementary Education Foundation established
30 Sep 2005: Underground parking lot, library, activity center completed and opened 
1 Aug 2007: Badminton, shooting classes set up 
12 Nov 2007: Awarded Music Education School distinction
23 May 2012: Digital audiovisual center set up
6 Jun 2014: Awarded reading Rock School by Ministry of Education