Unique Expertise

First-rate Teachers 

The school’s entire existence has been during the era of educational emancipation, which introduced a new curriculum, smaller class sizes, and the nine-year unified curriculum. Under the leadership of our principals, our teachers continuously observe, research, and develop learning models with better atmosphere and quality. As a result, our enrolment quotas have been booked solid since 2001. In recent years, our teachers are organized in expertise clusters to continuously refine their competencies. Because of this practice Taoyuan City designated us as an Educational Leadership School in 2012. We will continue to uphold the spirit of common learning and common good step up to the challenges of the new era.

Abundant Communication 

We set great store with good communication among parents, teachers and students. Thus we have welcoming activities for new students, parenting seminars, Meet the Principal, volunteering and socializing activities, teacher meet-and-greets, remedial teaching, and more. Together, homeroom teachers, counselors, and social workers make a comprehensive counseling team. A strong communication triangle among parents, teachers and students ensure happy learning. Our activities suggest to parents better ways of interacting and communicating with their children and strengthen their competencies to understand and support their children, offer them a wonderful home, and cultivate good citizens.