Education Features

Art Festival 

Our arts festival is held every April, and has been organized in collaboration with the Quanta Education and Culture Foundation in recent years. The festival brings art into the campus and offers a low-threshold way for students to experience master works up close. The art festival’s theme is incorporated in various subjects of the curriculum to have the students creatively study them and connect to them from various angles, such as through dance, drama, and music performances. The arts festival fosters cultural formation in the students and a cultural climate in the school. Student guides share what they have learned about the artworks on display, to spread their knowledge and hone their presentation skills. 

Silent Communal Reading 

Every morning the entire school engages in 15 minutes of modeled sustained silent reading (MSSR), whereby teachers and students each read their own book in communal silence, to absorb knowledge and develop a lifelong habit of reading. Each student has a tablet for wireless access to our reading website, where they can update their reading list, share book reviews, run a bookstore, and recommend books. While students share their reflections through texts and visuals, teachers discuss books and guide the students to read a cross-section of modern and classic books in different fields from home and abroad, to enhance the children’s amount and breadth of reading.