School Profile

School History 

1995: Our school was founded.
1996: Start of Phase I construction and sports ground. 36 classes are enrolled.
1998: Start of Phase II construction. 12 classes are added.
1999: All buildings, utilities, and courtyards are completed.

Architectural Features 

Our architectural concept may be summarized as “make functions artistic, make art functional.” The floor plan of our four buildings resembles the letter E. The buildings are connected by curved air bridges that double as social spaces. The 26 meter long North South Garden is a four-season learning garden planted with a great variety of plant species. Taking advantage of height differences in the terrain, a terraced garden has been created, which is especially instructive on rainy days. The sports ground features six 200 meter tracks surrounded by trees which we hope over the course of 30 years will grow into a shady canopy for our athletes and spectators.