School History

Meaning of the School Emblem 

The giant red bird represents the power of life and the joy of growth. We hope that our students will, as well as the mythical soaring bird, study hard, become mature and strong, and rise high toward their goals.

The white background stands for the equality of education and the altruism of teaching. We hope that our teachers, just as the bright sunlight, warm our students and guide them to become shining stars. 

The black font signifies the determination and execution of our teachers, who quietly devote themselves to make sure that students graduated from Tong De will become confident and polite global citizens in the future.


Our school was founded in 1999. In the beginning, we just expected to have 36-48 classes. However, the surrounded area has been burgeoningly developed along with the rapidly growing population. Due to the  reason that the school is in the neighborhood of the Art Exhibition Center, our scale has grown to more than 60 classes in recent years. Tong De has been constantly exploring on arts and humanities for a long time. Recently, we have been developing a smart campus, digital classrooms, and an English immersion classroom, and actively promoting “bilingual” education (English and programming languages). Our performance in ICT has been impressive.