School Profile

History and Development

Our school was founded in 1994. Under the leadership of various principals and with the support of generations of parents, our school has achieved outstanding performance and has grown to a size of as many as 86 classes. After the establishment of additional schools in the neighboring areas and a rezoning of school districts, we were able to lower the number of classes, which has benefited the ways we have been able to plan and use our campus.

We currently have more than 40 classes, offer enriched classes for special education services and have a kindergarten as well.

Our 21,000 sqm campus (the size of three soccer pitches) sits close to the Taoyuan Arts Center, Zhongzheng Park, Zhuangjing Park and Puzi Library, at the heart of the merging Zhongzheng District.
Our campus is located close to Highways 1, 2, and 3, which offer convenient traffic connections. City buses and intercity busses stop in front of the school gate, very safe and convenient.