History and Environment

School history 

In 2004, permission was given to found a branch of Longtan Elementary School. Phase I construction started in 2003. Our school takes its name of Shuang Long (dragon pair) from Shenlong Road and Jinlong Road, to the front and rear of our school. Moreover in Hakka, shuang stands for “double, plenty, abundant”. In 2004 we became an independent school by the name of Longtan Elementary School. Besides the teaching buildings, we also have a semi-outdoor covered sports area, sports fields, play equipment, kindergarten, community learning center, and smart classrooms. It is a beautiful, well-equipped, high-quality school.

Buildings and environment

The Shuang Long school building integrates architectural elements and styles from different times and places such as the Hakka tulou (round tower), traditional Chinese courtyard, and European castle. Throughout the buildings there are columns, arcades, towers, slopes and other elements that make for a rich and layered architectural environment with playful effects. The central courtyard has an elegant and artistic atmosphere. The overall style of the school building is based on traditional courtyard-style academy, augmented with enriching elements and a varied skyline, which it a unique locally treasured school.