School History

Original of the School Name 

Our school was founded in 1963 as Taoyuan County Yangmei High School Puxin Branch. In 1966, our status changed to Taoyuan County Zen-Mei High School. 
With the implementation of the national nine-year curriculum in 1968, our name changed to Taoyuan County Zen-Mei Public High School. In August 1971, we established an affiliate junior high school. 
In 2008, we maintained our junior high school department and established the Waldorf Experimental School and the Taoyuan County Education Research Center. In December 2014 we were upgraded and renamed Taoyuan Municipal Zen-Mei Junior High School.

After the Transition 
Our vision is to be a sustainable campus with humanity, vitality, and liberty, and we work hard to make this a reality through our Happy Learning Plan, art-enriched education, school clubs, and sports events, all to create education filled with life and for life. Under the Waldorf human intelligences concept, our education includes experiential and eurhythmic classes to nurture the body, mind, and soul. We also put great store by localized and outdoor learning that takes the students out of the campus to explore the community and themselves. Our combination of junior high school, experiential learning, and experimental school (“Three in One”) is a hallmark of our school.