Reading Merit School

Reading as a Feature
Our school is recognized as a Reading Merit School. Every Monday and Thursday morning we have modeled sustained silent reading (MSSR) where teachers and students quietly read together at the start of the day. At the first school day, the first graders receive a reading-related gift. 
We stimulate students to develop the habit of reading through keeping a list of books read, designating reading heroes, newspaper reading as a classroom activity, and campus visits by the Taoyuan City Library on Wheels. We encourage our students to send letters and articles to our Pu-Ren School Paper, Little Peach, and the Mandarin Daily News. Students, whose articles are published, will receive a reward from the parents association.

Teachers' Community 

The teachers of Pu-Ren Elementary School are keen to continuously up grad their competences. They have communities for mathematics, English, and Professional Development and Evaluation. Through lesson preparation, class observation, seminars, and study sessions, they enhance their subject knowledge, teaching skills, and classroom management.