School Profile

Since June 2012, our school has been certified as a Merit School of Arts and Humanities Education. Each grade has an orchestra, which together stage an end-of-year performance, the highlight of our school calendar. 
Our campus has three buildings and permeable pavement, an ecological pond, track and field, and playground. The renovated toilets are well-ventilated and bright to ensure a healthy and happy campus for all the children.

School Flag 

The center is a human figure with its arms open wide, representing the students’ readiness to embrace challenge. The three lines flowing from the head suggest speed and forging ahead. The central moon is divided into five parts, which stand for morality, wisdom, fitness, harmony, and aesthetics. The colors red, yellow, and blue refer to passion, vitality, and wisdom.
The head of the figure resembles the Chinese character for “sun”, while the body resembles the character “moon”. Together these combine to form the character “brightness,” which sums up the school’s passion, vitality, and wisdom. Determined ambition and taking on challenges  advance us all to a bright future.