School Profile

School Surroundings 

Our school is named after Daxi, a district (formerly township) with a long history, known for its tea industry, wooden furniture, and dried tofu as its main tourist attractions. The tea industry here runs from plantations to factories, while the town’s signature products are redwood and hardwood furniture. Daxi’s specialty dried tofu is black dried tofu.

School Overview 

We are committed to promoting reading, courtesy, and character building. Our 400 meters wide sports ground offers ample space for sports and play. We actively improve our campus hardware and software to ensure the best possible learning environment and processes. Mosaics and installation art, collective creation of our students, make for a safe, comfortable, colorful, and artistic environment. We invest abundant resources in our school clubs to enable students' development according to their nature and interests and to enhance their sense of self-worth. We are continuously endeavoring to make our campus even more healthy, lively, warm, excellent, and friendly.