Matter, Properties and Change

Remember to Search Discovery Education for Videos and Other Resources

Be sure and check for resources such as:

BBC Video – Changing State

BBC Video – Gases Around Us

BBC Video – Reversible and Irreversible Changes

BBC Video – Solids and Liquids

Brain Pop – States of Matter


Properties of Matter

Phases of Matter

Changing States

Scholastic – Solids, Liquids, and Gases

eThemes – Matter

Science Online – Matter (Grades K-8)

Teach-nology – Matters


UEN – Matter;jsessionid=8353EE7BAEB9164BCC28ADBADC250789?courseNumber=3050&standardId=1223&objectiveId=1225

Foss – Change it!

Physical and Chemical Changes Lesson Plan (with ppt and other resources)

Brainpop – Heat and Energy

The Water Cycle

Water Cycle Chamber

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