General Links


Scoop on Soil -A game that can be easily downloaded that explores the qualities of soil and it's importance to healthy plants.

Soil Formation - Harcourt School Publishers creates activities about composition, formation, and composting.

Secret Ingredient Video-Soil Video

Dig It! The Secrets of Soil - A webpage dedicated to sharing the importance of soil to the global community. Activities and videos

Growing the Next Generation- Videos, coloring sheets, and activities related to soil.

The Dirt on Soil-Discovery Education this game examines the microscopic world of soil. Download Soil Safari on your machine and enjoy the adventure.

What is you Soil IQ?-learn about soil and take an 8 Question IQ test.



Plant Growth Video BrainPop you will need to sign up for a trial membership to view.

The Great Plant Escape- a webquest on plant structure and plant growth

Plants-kid science videos, games and interactive charts

Biology of Plants

The Potato Story- a video clip about the potato from seedling to french fry.

Video Diary of Plant Growth-this is a You tube video students may not be able to access it.

Ideas for Science Fair Projects

Kids Learning about Plants-you tube video produced by kids to explain the facts about plants

Grow Plant- Animated story of how a seed becomes a plant, labeling a plant also

The Science of Spring


Earth, Sun, Moon

Current Moon Phase- this site shows the current phase the  moon is in.

Phases of the Moon Using Oreos- this site shows a fun way to teach the phases of the moon using oreos.

Eating your way through Earth Science

Moon Phase Animation-Harcourt Publishers

Earth, Sun, and the Moon

Earth, Sun, Moon Adventure



The Human Body

Video about Skin-The body's armor

The Skeletal System

Your Gross and Cool Body

Interactive Skeletal Diagram

Amazing Facts about the Skeletal System

Skeletal System Videos

Web Lesson on Skeletal System

Virtual Body- narrated and a link to build the skeletal system


Earth Systems/Landforms, Caves, and Volcanoes Cave of the Mounds- Learn about the science and history of the Cave of the Mounds. Fema for Kids: Volcanoes - Find out interesting facts about volcanoes.

The Virtual Cave- Explore the wonders of the underground!
Volcanoes - Learn about how volcanoes are formed, how they erupt, types of volcanoes

Landforms-the face of the Earth 


Water Fresh and Salt

Freshwater Biome

Freshwater Ecosystems

Marine Ecosystems

Our Water-EPA

Freshwater- National Geographic

Landforms-the face of the Earth (includes glaciers)


Changes in Matter

Chem4kids: Matter

States of Matter

Activities for learning the stages of matter.

States of Matter: Videos

Changes in Matter Experiments

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