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We will be using lots of supplies this year and unfortunately we cannot provide every supply for every student.  Along with the following supply list is also and additional $10.00 Art fee (for Art I students) and $20.00 (for Ceramics students).  These fees will supply paper, paint, clay, glaze, and other materials that we will be using throughout the semester.  Below is a list of the supplies you will need to be successful in either Art I or Ceramics.


Art I:

· 1” 3-ring binder

· Lined paper

· Unlined paper 50  sheets

· 6 #2 HB pencils (standard pencils)

· 1 White eraser

· 2 fine point sharpie markers

· A black ballpoint pen

· Pencil box

· 12 inch ruler

· 24-pack of colored pencils

Spiral Notebook

Glass or Plastic Cup

#2 Pencils-Non Mechanical

Dry cleaning plastic to cover projects

*If you have questions or concerns regarding the supply list please don't hesitate to ask!