BYOT, or Bring Your Own Technology, is an initiative of Cabarrus County Schools to allow students and staff to bring their own devices (laptops, netbooks, tablets, e-readers, iPads, iPods, smart phones, etc.) to school to use for instructional purposes and school business.  The faculty and staff of Hickory Ridge High School want to encourage students to assess their own learning needs and be able to determine which tools(devices and online tools) will successfully meet their needs.  We believe students are capable of making intelligent, innovative, and appropriate choices.

HRHS is fortunate to have enough devices in the classrooms to suffice the instructional needs of all students.  Primarily, HRHS is equipped with Chromebooks for student use.  CCS is fortunate to have a robust wireless network to sustain connection of its school-owned devices.  While robust, our wireless network cannot accommodate a 2:1(device:student) environment.  Therefore, students' smartphones and other personal devices cannot connect to the network in classrooms.

HRHS has two networks:  CCS-Guest and CCS-Registered.  Both networks are filtered.  The CCS-Guest network range is limited to the following areas:
  • Media Center
  • Commons
  • Gyms
  • Cafeteria
  • Front Office.
Only the CCS-Registered network is available in classrooms.  In situations where a student would prefer to use his or her personal laptop for instructional uses, HRHS provides an opportunity for the student to connect to the CCS-Registered network.  Personal devices other than laptops are NOT allowed to connect to CCS-Registered.  These students should ask a teacher for access to the Student BYOT Wireless Access form available under Staff Links.


  • increased access to technology
  • expansion of technology use for educational purposes, more tools available for classroom instruction
  • familiarity of using personal devices
  • increased 21st Century teaching & learning opportunities
  • allowance for blended learning
  • more engaged students, less discipline issues
  • less software and consumables purchases
  • greater opportunity to go paperless
  • mirrors college/higher education expectations regarding the acceptable use of personal technology in an educational setting
  • promotes Hickory Ridge High School's vision to be a learning community which will stimulate intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, problem solving, and literacy in all students while promoting respectful, responsible, and well-rounded global citizens.

Issues That Cause Concern

  • students not following set policies
  • theft and/or vandalism 
  • student equity
  • Internet filtering
  • technical support
We believe the teacher is the director of his or her classroom.  The teacher knows best when and what technologies to use to enhance instruction. Therefore, it is the teacher's call whether or not to allow students to use their devices in his or her classroom.  By allowing students to bring their own devices, we are hoping to increase technology available inside the classrooms; subsequently, expanding educational opportunities for teaching and learning. 

The following are responses to issues that cause concern:
  1. Any unauthorized use of personal devices will result in appropriate disciplinary actions.
  2. Students are personally and solely responsible for the security of their electronic devices.  The school system is not responsible for theft, loss, or damage of any kind to a personal electronic device.
  3. Not all students can afford their own personal device.  Efforts will be made to ensure access to school computers for all students.
  4. Internet filtering, meeting all CIPA requirements, are in place, even on the wireless network.
  5. Technical support of personal devices is limited to the user's own knowledge and troubleshooting skills.  There are no funded technical help positions available within the school system.