NEWS: The PSAT Score reports will be returned to students with their test booklets during homeroom on Friday.  They will also see the following instructional video on how to use their test results and their online access code for My College Quickstart through

The PSAT is offered once a year to students in the 9th, 10th, and 11th grade in order to practice taking the SAT and to gain useful information regarding skill sets that they are proficient in, as well as, skill sets that can use some studying.  This is currently a test that the county office pays for and the students take on a Wednesday in October each year.

Score reports are generally returned before the Holiday Break with information on how to use these scores/score reports. Here are some links provided by college board to help students and parents interpret their scores.

About the PSAT:

What's on the Test:

Scholarships and Recognition:

My Road:

The following links are directly from the Collegeboard website and are created by the members of Collegeboard to aide students in understanding their test results.

Understanding Your Score Report

Skills Insight provided by CollegeBoard

My College Quick Start (Create an account with your access code)