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Letter from Jim Dachos

 Here are a few links to show the creative and powerful applications for Glogster EDU educators and learners (All of the samples have interactive media embeded).  Please note that since Glogster EDU "glogs" are all private unless the teacher chooses to share them through their wiki, blog, or web site, that many of the "public" glogs were created in Glogster and have links to less educationally sound content. Some schools do allow Glogster however, most are using EDU.   I have indicated where the glogs were created. I particularly like the Darfur, Artemis-Fowl, Enlish Final, and Cellular-Respiration glogs.


We have over 25K teachers and 400K students using  These are great numbers considering that all of the growth has been viral until very recently.  We have many districts in various stages of district wide integration and expect that within the next month or two to hit 100K teachers worldwide.  Additionally we have partnerships in development with other recognized educational products such as: Discovery Education, School Tube, Wikispaces, Animoto, Voicethread, Voki, and others.


I hope that you will share these exciting resources others and share with us once you are using Glogster EDU.


Please let me know how I may be of further assistance!


Student Glogs Created in Glogster:


Teacher Glogs created in EDU:


Teacher Glogs created in Glogster:


 Also, I saw one teacher use a Glog as a starting point for a Web Quest.  See it here: