Getting Started

1)  Go to
2)  Click on Create a Blog OR if you have a gmail account enter your gmail credentials

3)  Enter account information - user name (email account) and password
4)  Create a name for your blog
    Remember to choose a creative but short URL for your blog address
    DO NOT use your name or personal information as your title or blog address
5)  Choose a template - you are not stuck with this template forever

6)  Start Blogging!  Enter a Title and make your post in the text box provided, when you are finished click "Publish Post" and the post will appear on your blog.   
7)  You may edit or delete existing blogs at any time by going to "Edit Posts" under the Posting Tab.

8)  To add a picture click on the image icon
      Then browse for the picture file and upload it.  Blogger will accept jpg, gif, bmp and png images, 8 MB maximum size.

9)  To upload a video file click on the video icon 
 Then browse for the video file and name it.  Allow some time for the video file to upload before closing the window.  Blogger accepts AVI, MPEG, QuickTime, Real, and Windows Media, 100 MB maximum size.
      To embed a video or another multimedia resource into a post click on the Edit HTML tab on the posting screen.

9)  Settings  Tab
  • Basics - add a description explaining what your blog is about - your GP research topic and field work info
  • Formatting - change the number of blog posts to reflect the number that you make during the course of the project, change the time to Eastern time zone 
  • Comments - you may limit who comments on your blog posts (members only)
  • Permissions - you may limit who views your blog

10) Layout Tab

  • Page Elements - you may arrange the position of the items on the page and edit each section to remove it or change something about it
  • Adding a Gadget - slide show, poll, video bar, & logo may be some that you are interested in using on your own blogs
  • Fonts & Colors - you may change the color of everything on the page under this tab
  • Edit HTML - you may upload your own template or edit the code of the blog
  • Pick a New Template - this will apply any posts or Gadgets you have already added to your blog to the new template
11) Blogging Tips -
  • Post at least once a week
  • pick a template or background that is unique but not too distracting for audience to view your content
  • Add pictures, videos and other visuals to your blog
  • provide links to outside sites and resources that pertain to your blog
  • advertise your blog the the appropriate audience to get feedback

 Need More Help?

Click here to go to the Blogger Help page and get step by step tutorial guides.