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Hello and welcome to my Third Grade web page!  My name is Mrs. Tempel and I am excited to be teaching third graders this year!  I enjoy spending the school day with the wonderful kids of Antwerp Ohio and helping them grow educationally and socially.  I have been a teacher at Antwerp Elementary since 1986 and feel blessed to have been a part of this wonderful community and school district. 

  • Math Class-- Third graders are working work on their math facts using an online computer program called Xtramath.  Every school day they complete this 10 minute activity to learn and practice addition, subtraction, multiplication,and division facts.  The program starts with the student working on addition and once they have proven they know these facts by meeting the Xtramath criteria, they move on to subtraction facts.  Any day students are not in school, they are asked to complete Xtramath on a home computer, at the Antwerp library, or elsewhere.  Some students have expressed to me that they are not allowed on the computer in their home and I have told them to explain the Xtramath program to their parents and show them the site.  Hopefully, parents will see the educational worth of this request and supervise the time that their child would be online completing Xtramath.  I do feel that the math practice that Xtramath provides is beneficial to each student's math success!  Thank you for your help!  I would be happy to discuss with you any concerns you have about Xtramath or home computer usage.