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Spanish language courses are designed to meet the needs of different learning styles such as visual, auditory and kinesthetic’s  learners. Therefore, for this goal to be accomplished various procedures have been established. The classes are conducted in Spanish with brief English interjection for clarification purpose. The classroom turns into a Spanish speaking country, thus creating learning and fun atmosphere. Together we will have an excellent year.


Grade Policy:

Test                                              30%

Quizzes, essays or projects              20%

Homework                                      20%

Daily class participation                   15%

Binder                                           15%




  • Tests will be given at the end of each chapter. The test will be announced several days in advance. If due to extenuating circumstances, you miss a test, you will have a week to make it up.
  • Quizzes will cover one or two topics. Quizzes are announced in advance. Test stipulations equally apply to quizzes.
  • Essays and projects are designed to advance your cultural understanding. You will be required to research and write essays and develop projects on various Spanish cultural topics. These assignments are scheduled several weeks in advance, so it is your responsibility to plan accordingly. Late assignments will not be accepted.
  • Homework reinforces your linguistic and academic development. Failure to do your homework will affect your grades adversely.
  • Class participation this is an important component in your overall grades. Class participation involves bringing your  materials such as book, pencil, pen and binder. It also involves willigness to cooperate and engage in class discussions.  
  • A binder includes  your daily activity, notes, paper, handouts and supplementary material given and discussed in class.

Friendly reminder: Because you want to succeed, it makes sense to be organized and up to date with the assigned task. 


Check this website for daily announcements.

For extra support arrange to see me after school.