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Download for free over 1000 Electronic Navigational Charts (ENC's) directly from NOAA, or supply your own S-57 compliant charts. NOAA charts are the basis of other charts you may be paying for elsewhere, for questionable or no additional benefit.

ENC's, sometimes called vector charts, are nautical or marine charts which provide significant features not found in raster or paper charts. These features allow the user control over certain aspects of the chart's display, allow for built-in enhanced effects for viewing, and allow object querying, with access to more detailed descriptions or notations associated with chart objects, for more objects.

Aquarius provides fast and efficient viewing and querying of ENCs, on your phone or tablet. Multiple charts are simultaneously displayed for a continuous panoramic effect at all zoom levels, minimizing your effort and maximizing the utility of the vast amount of chart data at your disposal.

Aquarius ENC Plotter - Initial release