Our Mission

The mission of The Applied Behavior Center for Autism is to provide the highest quality ABA and Verbal Behavior therapy and consulting services to children and their families affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders to Build Brighter Futures. We do this by providing proven researched based ABA methodologies delivered by highly qualified and certified professionals. Our programs focus on increasing language skills, social skills, daily living, and reducing problematic behavior.

How We Help

The Applied Behavior Center for Autism is committed to providing the highest quality therapy and consulting programs in the Midwest. We do this by providing the following services to our families:
    • Individual therapy, small group, large group, and classroom readiness groups
    • Ten full time Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) on staff
    • 3 Full time SLP-CCC and SLP-A on staff
    • Complete all insurance authorizations, billing, and claims
    • Provide transportation in Marion and Hamilton county areas
    • All therapy and program materials provided at no additional cost
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"Just before our son's third birthday, we discovered that he had PDD-NOS and it came as a huge shock. After months of research and many other costly therapies (that insurance did not accept) our three-year son started attending The Applied Behavior Center for Autism in June. We faced daily battles of aggression at home and it broke our hearts to see our son act in this manner despite our best efforts to teach him appropriate behaviors. He darted in parking lots, screamed at everyone, spoke in a made up "monster voice", hit peers, hit family members, and refused to play with others. Within one week's time, we saw a drastic improvement in our home life; ABC began to teach him (and our entire family) the essential skills that he needed in order to function properly. Over the last four months, he continues to make headway as he fills in the gaps in his learning. Not only that, but he looks forward to attending ABC, meeting his friends there, and playing/learning from his personal therapists. ABC truly changed his behavior! The staff at the center exceeds my expectations as they constantly provide quality, caring services to him and our family."

Mrs. Humprey