Building your QA team

Apphance distinguishes two types of team members for an app:
  • application users - can browse test data, receive notifications but not change anything.
  • application admin - can adjust an application's settings and manage its users + browse test data.
Application admins can do the following :-
  • change users into owners and vice versa
  • invite others to work on the application
  • remove users from the application
All of these features are accessible from the Application > Users page.

Here it is possible to Add New (+)  users and review who is using the application and whether they are admin users or not.

There following information is shown in the users table:-

  • Email - email address of the user
  • Status - whether the user has confirmed they want to use Apphance (they will receive a link they must click on)
  • Last used version - is the version name of the most recent version they have used of the application
  • Admin - whether they are an Admin user or not (green tick means they are Admin, grey means normal user)
Finally the column with red (x)'s allows you to remove an user from your application's QA team.

If there is a green tick in the Admin column this means that user is an admin of the application, it is possible to toggle on this tick to add / remove admin rights.

Note: There must be at least one admin per application at all times. The user management functionality will prevent actions (i.e. demoting or removal of users) that would violate this rule.