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National Address Database (NAD) Pilot Project 
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Project Overview:

To explore the possibility of developing a National Address Database, The NAD Summit was held in April 2015, sponsored by US DOT. Summit participants came to extremely broad agreement on four key points that can help guide the direction a NAD initiative may take:

1. Local authorities are the authoritative source for address assignment and are data set originators.

2. State authorities should be statewide aggregators of county and local data sets.

3. It is critical to recognize the role of non-state governmental entities such as Tribal Nations, US Territories

4. Federal leadership and support is needed for there to be a sustainable national approach.

The key outcome of the summit was that a pilot project should be pursued as quickly as possible to both tackle unresolved issues and demonstrate feasibility of the NAD database. 

Purpose of the NAD Pilot Project

The major goals of the NAD Pilot Project are to: 

● Determine minimum data content standards that would be included in the NAD 

● Explore workflows for address creation 

● Understand best practices for address roll-up 

● Assess the technical feasibility of the NAD

The outcome will be a pilot NAD dataset, as well as workflows/tools and documentation that will inform next steps for performing these activities on a broader scale, and ultimately at the national level.

The pilot will be considering two different address source cases:

1. Jurisdictions that have addresses - these would be used to test “rollup” procedures to a national dataset 

2. Jurisdictions that have no addresses - these would be used to test address creation “from scratch”