Welcome to Second Grade! This year our chapel theme is "We Worship".  As Psalm 100:2 states, "Worship the Lord with gladness; come to Him with joyful songs." The class will have amazing opportunities to express their God given talents this year and praise God for all He has given us. I am looking forward to growing spiritually with all of your children this year. 

We will begin our year in the New Testament of the Bible in Christ Light. The students will learn the importance of prayer and keep a prayer journal to see how God will bless them throughout the year. In reading, students will continue the "Super Kids" series with the introduction of a new character! We will work on fluency, which I will test the students on regularly. Please be sure to have your child read aloud to you for at least 15 minutes a day to help them read fluently. We will be doing a variety of writing activities and learn how to  write a descriptive and an expository paragraph. We will write book reviews and  the students will do a book report at the end of the year.  

Each month, the students will study a new artist and learn new art techniques. We will recreate two masterpieces a month. In math, we will cover a variety of concepts including time to the minute, money in dollar amounts, double digit addition and subtraction, arrays, multiplication and dividing by two. History will focus on people who make a difference in our Impact California Social Studies. We will learn about families long ago, different environments , economics, government and about heroes who have made a difference in this world. This year in science, we will do a variety of experiments and have a Science Fair. We will learn about plants, animals, how we grow, planets and much more! 

I will be teaching Spanish to the first and second grades. We will start by learning about our "familias" and our "casas". I am very excited to teach Spanish this year and I will have a few of my friends to help me. Make sure to ask your child who came to visit each day that we have class. Music will be taught by the first grade teacher, Miss Bovee. 

I am looking forward to a wonderful school year with your children. God's blessing on our year!