About Us

Wilderness Inner-City Leadership Development (WILD) is a youth leadership program that provides opportunities for wilderness and inner city environmental education and leadership skills development.

    WILD was established in 1997 as a community building program to encourage Asian and Pacific
Islander youth to become responsible citizens for their communities. WILD is a program of InterIm Community Development Association.

WILD is very active through volunteer projects, policy advocacy, service networks and other community building collaborative activities. WILD Youth engage in activities focused on air quality, environmental health, food justice, urban agriculture, nutrition and healthy cooking. 

    As a youth at WILD, you will learn about agricultural and human impacts on the natural environment. WILD connects API youth to different aspects of their environment. 


Through WILD’s leadership curriculum, youth are more engaged in civics, environmentally aware and invested in the health of their communities. 

    WILD provides youth with hands-on wilderness service learning projects including camping trips to perform trail work, eagle watching with elders, urban community gardening and various hiking trips.

Who can join WILD?

WILD primarily serves high-school aged youth between the ages 14-19 and who are of Asian Pacific Islander descent. WILD youth can choose to participate in any of the programs offered during the school year: Cooking Club, Financial Literacy to College 101, Garden Crew, and Fellowship.

WILD also offers a paid youth leadership internship during the summer and provides resources for career/college prep year-round.

**Youth participation in the WILD program can count as service-learning hours**

How do I join?

To apply to the WILD program, please complete all WILD Application forms. All forms can be found on the SurveyMonkey form, which will be released when the enrollment period begins.

For more information about the WILD program, please contact us here.