Various Wars and Great Barrier Island

Link to Auckland Museum Cenotaph database- search for your relatives who fell in war.
For further information a handy site is the Commonwealth War Graves Commission database.

The following names have been found on the Auckland Museum Cenotaph database as having next-of-kin residing at Great Barrier Island. Click on this Auckland Museum Cenotaph link to search more about these people.


Name                                   Rank last held                      Serial Number              War

 1  Betridge, Harold Ralph                                                  2979                        ww2

 2  Blackwell, Stanley             Private                                64320                        ww2

 3  Bush, Stanley Thomas                                                  73300                        ww1

 4  Flinn, Francis Walter Hillbury Swayslin                         4/1262                       ww1

 5  Jensen, John Edwin                                                      17/361                       ww1

 6  Jensen, Lonza                  Private                                  12/773                       ww1

 7  Johnson, Llewellyn                                                        24814                       ww1

 8  Kirk, Charles Ernest        Private                                 10/1550                      ww1

 9  McMillan, Neil                                                            12/3105                     ww1

10 Medland, Bramwell Laughton                                           3/877                    ww1

11 Medland, John Thomas                                                   38726                    ww1

12 Paddison, Frank William                                                  55138                   ww1

13 Paddison, Herbert Allison     Private                                 38738                   ww1

14 Paddison, Sidney Webb                                                   28527                   ww1

15 Sanderson, John                                                               40643                   ww1

16 Sanderson, Robert            Private                                     24064                   ww1

17 Sanderson, William           Private                                     24063                   ww1

18 Taylor, Cyril Hargave                                                        4/637                   ww1

19 Waetford, Charles                                                           33481                    ww1 

20 Warren, Norman                                                          24/1850                   ww1
 Also: Benjamin Sanderson served in WW 1 in the Australian forces. He is listed on the Commonwealth War Graves website.