Maps & Charts of Great Barrier Island

Missionary chart, showing the 'Barrier Isles', of the northern coast of New Zealand dated about 1819 and rep[roduced in the Church Missionary Register, 1822. 
Chart by John Arrowsmith 1842
Taken from the deed giving authority to Albert J. Allom to act on behalf of the 'Otea' Mining Company' and 
the deed is dated  21st April, 1863
1863 map of Tryphena surveyed by W. Palmer
Part of an 1880 survey map by S.F. Smith.
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1922 Map of Great Barrier Island
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This is a map supplied as part of a memo from Samuel Medland to the Marine Department in 1925.
MD6060 means Marine Department and number is a sequence in their card index.
The card says:-
 'Tryphena Harbour wharves Great Barrier Island map referred to in memo from Sam'l Medland. When received- 4th August, 1925.
Of interest is the locating of dwellings, wharves, post office etc., around the island.
Source: Auckland Regional Council records.
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Marine Department

P.O. Box 29,

Auckland C.1.,

8th July, 1933.



            The Secretary,

            Marine Department,

            Private Bag,

            WELLINGTON C.1.


Hulk “Veritas”.


            In reply to your memorandum of the 4th. Instant, I now enclose an application from Messrs. Medland Bros. of Tryphena, to place this hulk on the foreshore in the north-west corner of Tryphena Bay, Great Barrier Island, for the purpose of breaking up, using part of the timber and salving all metal fastenings etc., together with Inspector Anderson’s sketch and report on the site; and recommend that permission be granted on condition that she is hauled right up as far as possible at H.W.S.T., and that she is destroyed and all traces of her removed from the foreshore within 12 or 18 months, and that no portion of her is allowed to be washed away and become a menace to shipping.


Dimensions of hulk - length 119.1’, breadth 25.6’, depth 13.2’, registered tonnage 256 tons.


(Signature unreadable)


Mercantile Marine.

 A painting of the Veritas is here