Letter from Peter Abercrombie to Donald McLean 1845

Barrier Island
19th Jany. 1845

Mr. D. McLean.
Dear Sir

Yours of September came duly to hand but you are aware I am not the best of correspondants at any time and since yours came to hand I have really been very busy, the most of the time since you left I have been on the Barrier getting Timbers for another Vessel which I have nearly completed. She is 98 feet keel and will register 300 Tons and upwards it was only last night I was making a calculation and with the Miners I find I am feeding 91 hands and expect an additional force of Carpenters and Miners this week of 20 more so you see I am not quite idle. We have got a shute made at the Mine for sending the Copper ore down and we loaded the Tryphena there this week in 2.5 days. I wish you would try and send me some samples of Copper Ore or Manganese or any other mineral you may fall in with, by the bye I never got the account books McDonald says there is a box of yours in the house but he does not know what is in it, please send him authority to open the Box if they are within if not say where they are to be found; Their are likely to be a fight with the Natives soon at the Bay in consequence of Honi Heki having again cut down the Flag Staff and taken away all the Blocks and ropes belonging to the same the sooner it comes to a fight the better as they have now got so saucy there are no living for them. The Governor is such a Weather Cock that it is not safe to do anything, as the Mauries may come and destroy all one has in the Country, and still you have no redress he is again sending to Sydney for Troops and says he is determined to give them a thrashing this time I sincerely hope he will do so or the sooner we all leave the Country the better.

Capt. Nagle desires me to ask you whether you have received some money from Mr. Webster of your place which he authorised you to do, if not let him know the reason. If you can send me a little for myself by return you will oblige as I intend visiting Sydney in 2 months hence so as to get all my affairs put straight but I must conclude by wishing you all success in your new Billet and hope you like it trusting this will find you well

I remain,
Yours truly
P. Abercrombie
New Plymouth


Source: Letter from Peter Abercrombie on Great Barrier Island 19th January 1845 to Donald McLean in New Plymouth District.   National Library- Object #1022316 from MS-Papers -0032-0141