History of Schools of Great Barrier Island

Currently (2012) there are three schools on Great Barrier Island, Okiwi, Kaitoke and Mulberry Grove Schools.
Historically the following schools have existed on the island. It may not be a complete list as yet:

Mulberry Grove school ... - opened in 1962 and still operational.
Okiwi school ................. - opened in June,1947 and still operational.
Kaitoke School ............... - opened in 1988, and still operational. 
Awana School ............... - opened in ????, and closed in 19??
Katherine Bay School ..... - opened 1909, and closed in 19??.
Tryphena School ............. - opened 1884, and closed December, 1939. Currently the old building is next to the Tryphena Hall. Alfred Osborne became its first teacher with 20 pupils. 
Whangaparapara School . - opened ????, and closed ????.

Items found related to schools on Great Barrier Island follow:



The ordinary meeting of the Board was held this afternoon. Present : Messrs Laishley (Chairman), Cooper, Hobbs, Goldie, McKenzie, and Moss. Minutes.—The minutes of the previous meeting were read and confirmed.  ………..

Great Barrier (Tryphena New School). —A letter on the subject was read from Mr Barstow, who recommended a site. It was resolved to accept the recommendation of Mr Barstow, and that the secretary be instructed to thank that gentleman for the interest he has taken in the matter.

Auckland Star 19th October, 1883 p3

An important proposal in the Education Bill, qf which the Hon. J. Allen has given notice of introduction, is the division of the present Auckland education district into two sections designated "North Auckland" and "Waikato." The former division will comprise the counties of Mangonui, Whangaroa, Hokianga, Bay of Islands, Hobson, Whangarei, Otamatea, Rodney, Waitemata, Eden, Manukau, Franklin, Coromandel and Great Barrier Island, (including all boroughs and town districts therein, and also including Waiheke and Little Barrier Islands). The above includes the City of Auckland.
Northern Advocate 18th July 1914 p7



GRANT FOR GREAT BARRIER. (By Telegraph Parliamentary Reporter.) WELLINGTON, this day. Mr. M. J. Savage (Labour, Auckland West) has been advised by the Minister of Education, the Hon. H. Atmore, that a grant has been approved for the erection of a new school at Katherine Bay, Great Barrier Island.

Source: Auckland Star 20th August, 1931. page 8


TEACHERS APPOINTED. Auckland board district. The Auckland Education Board this morning authorised the following appointments of teachers:—  ...... Sole Teachers.— ....   Mr. A. F. Stevenson, Awanga [Awana] and Whangaparapara..   

Source: Auckland Star 3rd July, 1935 page 8.