American Whaler Golconda II calls into Great Barrier Island February 1848

The American whaler Golconda calls into Great Barrier Island  10th February, 1848

Shipping Intelligence

Great Barrier - The American Whaling ship Golconda, Capt. Studley, arrived at Great Barrier on the 10th instant, having lost her fore top-mast on her passage from Waiho [?]. She has shipped a new spar at the Barrier, and is taking in wood and water preparatory to her departure for the United States. Captain Studley intends shaping his course by the Chatham Islands. He has 2500 barrels of oil on board - chiefly sperm.

New Zealander  19th February, 1848  p2

The Golconda  was 109 feet, 1 inch in length and built in Newbury, Massachusetts, in 1825.  

After 1838, the Golconda sailed the rest of her whaling voyages out of New Bedford until 1864, when she was burned by the Confederate ship Florida during the Civil War.


The ship was in at, presumably, Nagle Cove, from 10th February, 1848 to 1st March, 1848, a period of 18 or 19 days. The bark is actually named Golconda II, and was from New Bedford.  The ship was later a victim of war. On 8th July of 1864, during the American Civil War, the privateer Florida captured six Union ships along the Coast below Cape May, New Jersey. Captain Morris was in charge of this black-painted vessel and its 155 man crew. The ship itself mounted eight guns and all of the crew were armed with revolvers and cutlasses. The Florida had three flags, the United States flag, the Confederate flag, and the English flag which she used as trickery to capture ships.

These whiskey drinking and well fed men first captured the whaler Golconda who was just returning from a five year voyage. The Florida flew the US flag when the Golconda approached, but then switched flags and boarded the whaler. Captain Morris then ordered the Golconda burned, along with its 1800 barrels of oil.


Here is a section of the harbourmaster’s log of John Gillies:-



Feby   10         Arrived the Golconda Capt Studly from a whaling cruise

           14         The Samuel Marsden arrived from the Bay of Islands

           15         The Ann of Mohunga and Samuel Marsden sailed this day for Auckland

           22         The Julia sailed for Auckland via Coromandel with Mr Peppercorne

           24         The Ann of Mohunga arrived from Auckland

March   1        The Golconda sailed on a whaling cruise, Capt Studley

Captain Studley wrote a book about his whaling voyages -  ‘The Log of the Whaling Ship Golconda II, 1844-1848’ by Studley 1848,  Old Dartmouth Historical Society/New Bedford Whaling Museum

The following newspaper entry shows the tonnage of the Golconda.


Jan 27th - Golconda, American ship, 360 tons, Captain Studley, from the whale fishery.

Source: The Sydney Morning Herald  Thursday 28th January, 1847 p2