Safe Air

A Safe Air Bristol Freighter at the main airfield at Hapupu, a grass strip on the North-eastern corner of Wharekauri, the largest island. The ex-world war II American 4 x 4 truck was used to transport passengers and freight and luggage followed on a trailer it towed. The truck had to follow a line of telegraph poles across the extensive Te Whanga lagoon to get back to its destination at Waitangi, the main 'township'. At times, black swan would be taking to the air beside the truck, as a bow wave spread far and wide behind it. 
This photo was taken sometime around 1971 or 2, by John Davies and is copyright to him.  
                                                                                                                                              After the Bristol Freighters were taken off the run, SafeAir used the Bristol Argosy.
                                                                                                                                                 photo-don armitage
The wake behind the American (Chevrolet?) 4X4 taking passengers and luggage to/from Hapupu Airfield to/from Waitangi township. A series of poles marked the submarine road the truck followed.
Photo- Bill Burt collection
                                                                                                                                A flight ticket for the Argosy from July 1990.
The Bristol Freighter 'Merchant Hauler' at Hapupu airstrip, Chatham Island. (Photo copyright Don Armitage).
 The following photos have been kindly supplied by Richard and Robby Berghan of Hamilton: 
They were taken in the early 1970s at Hapupu airstrip. The 4x4 Chevrolet ex-American army transports were used to cross the lagoon to get passengers to and fro between there and Waitangi.