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Pitt Island

 A picnic at Flowerpot, Pitt Island in 1972. Photo John Davies - click on image to enlarge.
The following photo is of Flowerpot Bay, on the northern coast of Pitt Island in the summer of 1972-3.
Several points of interest are apparent.
There are two teak lighters off the freighter MV Holmdale, one against the wharf with the Scottish derrick loading into or out of it, and the other is just visible, but partly obscured by the akeake trees in the centre of the photo with a white-overalled Holmdale crewman steering it.
In the foreground are a bulldozer and a truck that belonged to Roger Mahon or his company, who was making roads around the island as well as forming a breakwater just out of sight to the left of and beyond the derrick.
The photo looks to the north-eastward along the north coast of Pitt Island. Mutapu Point is in the far distance, where an automated lighthouse operated. The vessels are anchored in the bay while the loading and unloading of the Holmdale is going on.
This photo was supplied by John Sharpe, who retains copyright, and whose permission to use the image here I appreciate. 
Vessels in harbour are L-R.. Alma-flo, Waimarie, Suzette, Ascot III, Caroline, Morning Star, ?, James Gregory, Ngarita.   


A similar view to the north-east across Flowerpot Bay, Pitt Island. The fishing vessel 'Caroline' is caught out on the mooring.
Late 1972 or early 1973.
Tucked into the boat harbour at the bottom of the photo are , (L to R) the crayfishing boats 'Morning Star', 'Ngarita' and Alma-flo 
Pitt Island from the east or south-east,  the high point, Mount Hakepa, (known locally as 'Walk-em-up') is where the millennium celebrations occurred.
This photo taken early 1973.
 Summer of 1972-3, Flowerpot Harbour, Pitt Island. my FV 'Star Keys' on left, FV 'Suzette' on right.
At the base of the cliffs just over the stern of the Starkeys, marine fossils occur in high numbers. 
The 'Star Keys' at the Star Keys in February 1972. I am about to go down after crayfish and my brother is in the dinghy readying a hookah air compressor. The Star Keys is a fur seal colony. At one time I had 22 coal sacks of live crayfish on my deck. This place was also where an attack on a diver by a white pointer shark took place many years later.  
The Star Keys in Flowerpot Harbour, Pitt Island, in 1972.
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Flower Pot Bay, Pitt Island, Chatham Islands, 1877

Photographer unidentified. Reference Number: 120-0038-6

Flower Pot Bay, Pitt Island, Chatham Islands, 1877. Shows the Bay, beach, and waterfront area, with land, houses and buildings beyond.

 Part of: Chatham Islands, Reference Number 120-0038-F  Rockel, Ian Robert, 1939- :Photographs of Chatham Islands, Reference Number PAColl-3957  (http://mp.natlib.govt.nz/detail/?id=31223).


Unidentified group, Pitt Island, Chatham Islands, 1877

Photographer unidentified. Reference Number: 120-0035-8 Unidentified group of women, men, and children, Pitt Island, Chatham Islands, circa 1870s. http://mp.natlib.govt.nz/detail/?id=31222).

Part of: Chatham Island portraits, Reference Number 120-0035  Rockel, Ian Robert, 1939- :Photographs of Chatham Islands, Reference Number PAColl-3957