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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors consists of elected members who serve various term lengths depending on the town and entity. AOS #94 has a Board of Directors for SAD #46 and the Harmony Consolidated School Department. Members of each of those boards make up the AOS #94 Board of Directors. Below find the list of all Board of Director members and the Boards they serve on. To the right find links to the policies, agendas, and minutes of the different organizations.

Duties of the Board

Operating within the legal parameters of the state and federal constitutions, statutes, courts, and administrative agencies, each Board is charged with the responsibility of providing the finest educational program possible for the students in the district schools. School Board members make all final decisions regarding school district priorities, policies, personnel, textbooks, expenditures, and growth management.  School Board members adopt budgets which are necessary to maintain and operate the schools and submit bond issues to the citizens of the district to finance construction projects.

Contact Information
All Board members may be reached by phone, e-mail, and U.S. mail.

To send a message via U.S. mail, write to:

SAD # 46 or Harmony Consolidated School Department or AOS #94 Board of Directors
175 Fern Road Suite 1
Dexter, ME 04930

Send fax messages to the Superintendent of Schools at (207) 924-7660.

Maine School Board Association

For information on the Maine School Board Association click here.

For information on the National School Boards Association click here.

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EntityTownDirectorTerm Expires
EntityTownDirectorTerm Expires
Athens Consolidated School/AOS #94 Athens Alan Linkletter  
Athens Consolidated School/AOS #94 Athens Daniel Viles  
Athens Consolidated School Athens Gene Hay  
Athens Consolidated School Athens Sean Boyd  
Athens Consolidated School Athens Victoria Avery  
SAD #46 Dexter David Sickles December 2017 
SAD #46 Dexter Elizabeth Krista December 2016 
SAD #46 Dexter Galen Chapman December 2018 
SAD #46/AOS #94 Dexter Gerrard Rudmin December 2018 
SAD #46 Dexter Joel Costonis December 2018 
SAD #46/AOS #94 Dexter Marcy King, SAD #46 Chairperson December 2017 
SAD #46/AOS #94 Dexter Rebecca MacDonald December 2016 
SAD #46 Exeter Kenneth Dorman, SAD #46 Co-Chair March 2017 
SAD #46/AOS #94 Exeter Keri Ponte March 2018 
SAD #46/AOS #94 Garland Andrea Rollins March 2017 
SAD #46 Garland Elaine Thomas March 2018 
Harmony CSD Harmony Angie Knapp  
Harmony CSD Harmony Karen Stutzman-Harmony Vice-Chairperson  
Harmony CSD Harmony Keith Magoon  
Harmony CSD Harmony Lawrence Wentworth  
Harmony CSD Harmony Lisa J. Rice-Harmony Chairperson  
Harmony CSD/AOS #94 Harmony Onie Lougee  
Harmony CSD/AOS #94 Harmony Tiffany McElhearn  
SAD #46 Ripley Douglas Thomas  
SAD #46 Ripley Robert Player  
Showing 25 items